Safely Set Your Hands, the Floor, Even Your CLOTHES on Fire!





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Published on Jul 19, 2012

Thanks to Brian, New Challenger's Anthony Carboni has graduated to a professional fire handler! In this episode, we'll see Anthony learn some advanced maneuvers - like the fire finger transfer, the pants on fire trick, and the most visually stunning of all - the fire floor transfer!Also, just a reminder that fire eating/ fire manipulating should ONLY be done under the supervision of a professional like Brian. We do NOT recommend trying these tricks at home!

Watch Anthony on Rev3Games: http://www.youtube.com/rev3games

Watch more tricks with FIRE here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

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Comments • 634

Joshua Bruce Taylor
I've never seen a dumber looking 48-year-old. Ever.
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An opinion is just that, an opinion. we do not want your opinion forced down our throats just because you want attention. and dont say "i wasnt looking for attention" because you clearly are, otherwise you wouldn't have commented.
Joshua Bruce Taylor
You seem to take real offense to my statement. Do you also happen to have this stupid ass haircut?
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I am rewatching these fire tricks for... um... entertainment? Yeah, purely entertainment... Who would ever want to do this at home?
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icecream 331
I did these tricks with my friends they now truly belive in dragons slayers and that igneel actually exist.
King K
+danna banana Wow. You blew your mom? Weird.
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Jose Liera
neeed shorter videos
Garret Targen
Brian, didn't you impale your hand once?
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Izabella Butcher
+Scam School how don't you have more subscribers?
Jeffery Sparks
+Scam School how boss of a move is that "Faked it once, whole internet still believes..." -Brian Brushwood 2015 lol
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Dimitri Keshishyan
Lol "dip it in the liquid" what's the liquid? Alcohol?
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Tanner Hastings
Coleman White Camp fuel
Tony Valdez
Yeas..and looks cool..lets say someone:my hand burn:)
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Diego Zr
5:30 and that's why you don't use Google Translate
Brandon Szparagowski
This plaid shirt guy is fuckin hilarious
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Pedro dos Santos
Some of "these guys" move around the same circles, but in this particular case and in this particular moment in time both Brian and Anthony did work for Revision3. ;)
+Scam School how do you two know each other?, I know carboni does the e3 PlayStation stream stuff but I just recently re watched some Scam School episodes and realized he was on SC lol.
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John Teynor
What is the name of the fuel he uses?
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Jalil Johnson
+Hootihootie dummy
Homos Are fags
k thanks
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Not Dutra
Not Dutra
Derpy Birds
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