Black Folk can't be judged by white JURY anymo





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Published on Nov 19, 2009

Black Folk can't be judged by white Jury Anymo
Heather Ellis, a preachers daughter is in court Thursday over a three year dispute that happened at a Walmart in Missouri. Heather Ellis, now 24 is an African American woman who has been charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, and faces up to 15 years in prison.

Customers said that Ellis cut in line at a Walmart, and some people in the store began to make racial slurs at her, the cashier refused to give her change back, and police were called. 5 (white) police officers and 4 witnesses at Walmart have the same story; that Ellis was belligerent and disturbing the peace.

The only video of the incident was taken outside the Walmart store and it shows a mob of people following the police officers back out to their car. Video of the incident has not been released.

Ellis, who was with her cousin at the time have very different stories about what happened. Ellis claims that the cashier wouldnt give her change back and asked for her identification even though she was paying with cash, and the situation escalated from there. Ellis said she was discriminated against by the police officers at the scene, and that they passed a Ku Klux Klan card onto her (seen in the video below), and she viewed that as a threat.

Heather Ellis has no prior record of arrest, she is a preachers daughter, she is a school teacher, and she is currently engaged to a police officer. Ellis is being supported by a local civil liberties group that said that 13% of the population is African American, and that this case does show racial bias in the town.

Racism in the United States is still rampant especially in communities that are mostly white with a lower population of African American residents. In Utah, almost 90% of the population is white, and African Americans make up less than 1% of the population. Many African Americans feel uncomfortable in the state partly because they are such a small minority, and some have said because people stare at them.

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Both stories sound ridiculous. Like really? The cops just rolled up started spewing racial slurs? And at the same time really? She was really trying to fight the police? So here's what I think happened. she was angry obviously and more than likely raised her voiced cursed, but it probably wasn't as bad as they made it seem. typically when black people do anything it's blown out of proportion. And for the arrest, sure she probably resisted a little and told them not to touch her, probably cursed as well, but threatened to beat an officer? Let's be realistic here.
Aurora B
If there were all black juries, there would be more bronx juries, which means even more criminals on the streets. Whites are often the victims (knock out game, robbery, beating, slashings, murder, therefore we have a big say in the matter. If not I see more defensive shootings in the future.
Heather Ellis was my teacher Freshmen year, after this incident. Her trying to fight a cop is not a surprise. She refused to let me get my medical treatment because im a "Little white girl who didnt need it". Im a type one diabetic who's insulin pump was ripped out and needed to be fixed ASAP.
I have had 2 fairly recent incidences, one at the check-in desk at a hotel and another at a customer service desk, where someone RUDELY cut me in-line MID-SPEECH. Both of them were White women. Stop with the racial crap. Anyone can be rude, you nitwits. Racially prejudice ppl need to to be rushed to a the next exploding volcano. I can't stand you idiots!
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Im a a Political Incorrect white guy but 15 yrs is BULL CRAP. This is what happens when you have a corrupt LEGAL (not Justice) system. and you have Non thinking police goons that can DE ESCALATE a situation. How much of our tax money is going into this stupid case? If i were the cop and saw no one was in a fight but you just have a big mouth lady wanting her change i would get her change and escort her out the store and on her way. Cops do provoke people to lash out and this is what happened here. Most people posting here can not even see THE INJUSTICE OF TRYING TO GIVE SOMEONE JAIL TIME over this.
They always use the race card..they can be dumb uneducated people..and think they are smart.. when you tell them different.. your racist..its all a hunk of shit and needs to be disregaurded!
Mirquella Santos
Medgar Evers's killer, a white supremacist, said it better: As long as there is an all white jury, I will never be convicted" and he was right. Do you think that five white woman from the South will be fair? Nope! 
contessica meriweather
15 years that's overboard people go to jail for 2 months for worse things than that get real.
Silva Skaduwee
One black woman being objective about whether it may or may not have been racially motivated, and 2 white Jewish looking women (one named Bloom), stating that it WAS racially motivated.
Silva Skaduwee
'The police picked her up off the ground'....she looks very heavy. Is that likely?
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