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Published on Mar 23, 2009

Sweetness From The Heart [A Jemi & Nelena Story] Episode 64 (S1)-

Song: Jonas Brothers Lovebug

[ ] = Thoughts (What they are thinking)
( ) = Actions
{ } = Text Messages.
* * = A/n Authors Note or just Narrator

- Episode 64

Joe: (stroking her hair) well Demi. (looks at her) you bring out the best in me
Demi: (smiles)
Joe: (can feel her lips smiling on his chest) (joking) you know youre a pretty lucky girl to be in the same bed as this hot thing (points to himself)
Demi: (sighs) way to ruin the moment Joe (playfully slaps him)
Joe: so youre saying im not hot? (makes a sad face)
Demi: no youre not so suck it up, man up dude (smiles) just like you did with titanic (smirks)
Joe: (realises she was awake) you were awake?
Demi: Yh but I drifted off after that so I didnt hear anything else (looks at him)or did I
Joe: (nervous) [shit I cant tell her I like her] psssh no I just brought you up to sleep after
Demi: (yawns) okay then
Joe: someones sleepy
Demi: (stretches showing her waist) Yh.me
Joe: (staring at her waist)
Demi: (sees him) dont look at me.im fat
Joe: (confused) what?
Demi: im fat im surprised you are actually alive after I slept on you (starts to get up)
Joe: (pulls her back down) Demi you are NOT fat.okay why cant you see that
Demi: [why cant you see me.all you see is Taylor] whateverI am okay everyone says it
Joe: (picks her up) everyone is just jealous of you (makes her stand next to the mirror)
Demi: jealous of me? Yh right what should they be jealous of?
Joe: (turns her to face the mirror and lifts her nighty up a little bit exposing her slim waist) this
Demi: (looks at herself in the mirror) I guess I look okay
Joe: (smirks) anything looks great..when youre standing next to this (shows his toned body towards the mirror, his abs where perfect and he had awesome muscles to match)
Demi: (playfully hit him) shut up [wow look at those gunswooh he is one seriously good looking hottie]
Joe: ow what is thishit Joe Jonas day
Demi: yes (hits him again)
Joe: (laughs) come on its 2:30 we gotta get ready for 10 so lets get some sleep
Demi: after that dream I dont think I can
Joe: (pulls her towards the bed) Ill help you
Demi: psssh Yh with what (baby voice) a lullaby?
Joe: (copies her) a lullaby (normal voice) no with a joellaby (smiles)
Demi: (sighs and gets in the bed on the other side of Joe facing the window) do what you want?
Joe: (moves his hands up to tickle her) really?
Demi: (feels something on her waist) NO I meant go to sleep
Joe: (pulls her onto his chest) ssh now go to sleep (starts to sing the chorus of lovebug)

Now Im speechless
Over the edge and just breathless
I never thought that Id catch this
Love bug again
Hopeless head over heels in the moment
I never thought that Id get hit
With this love bug again

Joe: (looks at Demi how is fast asleep) good night.make that good morning Demi (kisses her head and sleeps)


Jemi: (sleeping when the alarm clock goes off)
Joe: (wakes up and turns it off before Demi wakes up) blasted alarm clock.its 7 might as well have a shower and get changed (looks at Demi who is still asleep) Ill make breakfast for her and she can sleep a little bit longer (moves and quickly places a pillow for her to hug and leaves for the shower) (gets in the shower and sings gotta find you)

*10 minutes after*

Joe: (fully dressed and heads downstaires to make breakfast)
Demi: (wakes up) I swore I heard that same song againoh well Joe? (looks around and sees she was hugging a pillow) oh I guess it was a dream then (sighs and gets out of bed to have a shower)

*20 minutes later*

Joe: breakfast is readyI guess I should wake Demi up now its already (looks at his watch) 7:30
Demi: (upstaires) [hmmm smells good selena must be making breakfast] (she goes downstaires to find two plates of bacon, eggs and pancakes with a frappiccino and a glass of orange juice) wow selena finally learned how to cook without burning the place down (laughs and sits down)
Joe: (comes from behind and covers her eyes) guess who?
Demi: (thinks its selena) Sel you cant pretend to be JoeI know its you
Joe: (moves his hands and looks at Demi confused) selena?
Demi: Joe?
Joe: the last time I checked I was (smiles)
Demi: (realises it wasnt a dream) oh so it wasnt a dream
Joe: what wasnt?


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