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Published on Mar 2, 2010

this is an idea that i have been thinking about doing for awhile so i hope you like it!!
presenting my first ever jemi movie ever!! titled "Fly On The Wall"

Joe's pov

it was late in the afternoon. i was playing basketball with some friends 3 against 3 in a nearby park when my phone started to ring.
"time out guys." i called out. the other guys groaned because i stopped in the middle of a game. i ignored them and went over to the wooden bench that my bag was on that held my cellphone in it. i zipped open my bag and pulled out my cellphone. i answered it mid ring.
"hello?" i said
"joe. i need you to come down to the headquarters now. it's an emergency!" my boss said.
"alright i'll be there." i told him then hung up. i turned around to face the basketball court and saw one of my friends coming up to me.
"hey dude what's going?" he asked
"i gotta go." i told him
"what? were in the middle of a game!" he said sorta upset.
"i know, i know, i'm sorry." i apologize. " i'll catch up with you guys later." i finished.
"alright man." he said then sighed. i draped the strap of my bag on my shoulder and walked to my car.

my names Joe. Joe Jonas. and i am a spy. i was fourteen when i signed up for spy camp. a letter arrived for me saying that they wanted me to go to this camp for over achievers. i didn't want to go. but my parents thought it was good for me and it wasn't a discussion so i had to go. when i first figured out i was not going to be learning factorial equations. instead we were learning how to crack codes i knew if i told my parents they wouldn't believe me. besides that, i signed a contract. i had to keep it a secret. six years later. i'm 20 years old now. i'm consider one of the worlds best spy. their isn't a mission i couldn't handle. i couldn't wait for the day i would find one.

i drove down to the headquarters (HQ). when i arrived inside i was greeted by David. my boss. David was young man. in his mid 20's or early 30's. he never told me his age he just looked like it. once he saw me he stood up from his chair.
"joe glad you made it." he said in a authoritative voice
"what's the emergency?" i asked as i took a seat in the black leather chair in front of his desk.
"Jagger is on the move again." he started.
"what's his plan this time?" i asked
"to achieve a necklace." he stated
"a necklace?" i said sorta confused
"this isn't just some sort of necklace." he said." this necklace contains a a small key inside that will open a safe that has been hidden for many centuries." he told me.
"what's so important about this safe?" i asked.
"this safe contain a small chip that can control others to no end." he said.
"okay. i said." where is the necklace?" i asked.
"that's why i called you in for. " i said. he turned his black, medium laptop to face me. i looked at the screen intensely."they key is inside this necklace. the problem is it belongs to the great granddaughter of the very women who created the chip. i need you to come close with this girl. find out if she knows where the safe is. make her take you there-"
i cut him off." why does she have to take me there?" i asked him
"cause only a descendant from that family can make the key work in order to make the the safe open." he explained."can you handle that?" he later asked.
"yes sir." i answered.
"good." he said. he pressed a key on the laptop and picture of the most beautiful girl i've ever seen appeared on the screen. she had long black hair. soft brown eyes, and an amazing smile. i gawked at the picture.
what did you think?!
should i continue?
comment and subscribe plz!!
also if you have a suggestion for a title leave it in the comment box:)


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