250 Bands With Female Screamers, Growlers, and Harsh Vocalists





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Uploaded on Dec 19, 2011

250 Bands With Female Screamers, Growlers, and Harsh Vocalists

After months of work, here it is! This video is in celebration of 25 videos in the series "The Female Vocalists of Extreme Music". Enjoy!!!

I could not post the whole tracklist with the names of the bands, their vocalists, and the song titles here because it's too long for YouTube. PLEASE REFER TO IT HERE:


This list contains other pertinent information about the bands such as other vocalists (male, or clean female vocalists), information about vocalists listed who are now no longer in the band, and other information.

I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS THAT CAN BE EASILY ANSWERED BY SIMPLY LOOKING AT THE LIST LINKED TO ABOVE. If for some reason you're suspicious of it, it simply takes you to "note" that I've created on this series of videos' facebook page (www.facebook.com/womenofextrememusic). I'm not trying to sell anything.

Unfortunately, during upload, YouTube fucked up a few things in the video. There are a few songs which are barely discernible and the colours have been fucked up a little. I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do about these at this point. :(

For tagging purposes (or if you're too lazy to go to the link):

"2 Minute Hate" "6th Awakening" "13 Winters" "1000 Odios" "A Day After The Zombies Came" "A Lovely Day For Bloodshed" Abnormality Acrostichon Adorior "Agoraphobic Nosebleed" Agresión Ancestry Angelus Angist Anoxia "Arch Enemy" Arkona Artep "As Gravity Fades" "Ashes of Erin" Asmodina Astarte "At Odds With God" "Awaiting Fear" "Belle Gunness" Belligerence Betrayer "Black Like Vengeance" "Black September" "Blair Witch" "Blood Drunk" "Bloodlined Calligraphy" Bloodraised Bloodshoteye Borborygme "Bow Before None" "Brighter Than A Thousand Suns" Cadaveria "Caedem Efficere" "Cerebral Bore" "Circle The Sky" Clandestine "Conquer By Supremacy" "Corrosive Elements" Cripper Crisis cuntscumb Damad "Dark Castle" "Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult" Darkestrah "Death Maze" Deathabalone Decadence "DecoLa Hopping" Dehiscence "Dei Tetra" "Demonic Christ" "Depressive Reality" Derkéta "Despised Icon" "Destined Apostle" Détente "Diary About My Nightmares" "Digital Sex" Diva DivahaR DödsÄngel Dracena "Dreaming Dead" "Dreams of Damnation" Dylath-Leen "Emilie Autumn" Endemise "Enter Chaos" "Esfinge de Gizeh" Estuary Eths Exhortation Exilia "Exist Trace" "Faint of Enemy" "Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation" FID "Flowers In The Attic" Flyleaf "Forty Days Longing" "Frantic Amber" "From Us To Sunset" "Fuck The Facts" Funerus Fyhura Galahad Gallhammer Gather Genocidal "Grace Disgraced" Graj "Hanzel und Gretyl" Hecate Herem Hidrolyx Hiretsukan "Holy Moses" "Human Crisis" "Human Ground" "I Hate Sally" "Idiots Parade" "Ilkim Oulanem" Immemorial "In This Moment" Inanimis "Infected Rain" "Inflicted Chaos" Inharmonious "Inherent Scream" Inseason Interlock "Inverted Serenity" Iodashu Iwrestledabearonce Izegrim Janaza Jucifer Kallikantzaros Kayzen Kittie Kriticos Kursk Kylesa "Labei Ritual" "Let Them Die" Lezwieliza "Life Against Death" "Light This City" "Lower Than Zero" "Luctus Hydra" Ludicra "Luna Mortis" Lycantrophy Mahavatar Malsain "Mandragora Scream" "Mares of Thrace" Matriarch "Mechanical God Creation" Menstruary Mercenary Merlin Mistress "Moray Eel" Mordichrist Mortad "Mortal Torment" Murkrat "My First Failure" "My Own Sin" "My Ruin" Mythic "Necrosadistic Goat Torture" Neoplasmah Nibelheim "Night of the Demons" Nocturnal "Nothing Left For Tomorrow" "November Grief" "Nuclear Death" Nyarlathotep "Odium Inc." Omkara "Opera IX" "Option Nicaragua Hardcore" Ormus "Orphan Hate" Otep P.K.I.K.T. Pathology Promisqes "Psicovomitosis Sadinecrootitis" Psychobolia Purgatory "Purpura Vascular" "Purulent Jacuzzi" "Putrefied Beauty" Pyrotoxic Pyrrah "Robot Has Werewolf Hand" "Rolo Tomassi" Ruyan Sacralis Sacriment Saprophyte Sarcophagus "Satanic Corpse" "Satans Vault Company" Satriarch Save Scatha Sceptic "Serene Molestation" "Serpent & Seraph" "Severed Heaven" Shadow "Shocker X" Sinister "Sinners Bleed" Sirannon "Soma TNT" "Spark Is A Diamond" "Spirit's Breeze" "Spiritual Decay" Stigma Straight "Straight Line Stitch" Sufferage Syrebris Tantal Tard "Temple of the Absurd" Terrorform "The Agonist" "The Birthday Massacre" "The Great Collapse" "The Gutterville Plastics" "The Undertakers" "The Wage of Sin" "Thorr's Hammer" "Torrid Flesh" Totem "Triton Enigma" Tuman Tyraniz "Upon Shadows" "Valet Park This" Valhalla Velcra Verfall "Vile Mutation" Voltera "Walls of Jericho" "Watch Me Burn" "We Are The Damned" Wetwork Witches Wojtyła "Wykked Wytch" X-tinXion Xantotol "Yellow Machinegun" Zeenon Zoebeast

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