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Uploaded on Mar 28, 2010

I am sorry I wasn't able to upload last night, youtube was changing something or whatever they were doing and they didn't let me upload :( Welll here is the episode now

Part 12:

I didn't know what to do anymore, shall I go and talk to Taylor? What would she say? Shall I ask my best friends for help? I was suddenly so confused and had no clue what to do anymore. Before life seemed to be so easy and then Demi came and turned it upside down. Suddenly everything changed and I didn't know why.
It was the next day, yesterday I skipped school, I only was there to talk to Demi but today I had to go, I decided I would go and talk to Taylor, after all I was going to be a dad, I couldn't let her do this alone, I would help her.
So I walked into school totally nervous, dressed like the last idiot, I really had no nerve to work on my clothes this morning, all I wanted was to talk with Taylor and tell her I would be there for the baby, even through I didn't want to be together with her.
I saw her standing by Demi's locker with Demi and they were both talking, I had noticed over the month how close they both got, I don't know how because Demi never really let people come close to her but they seemed to understand each other. I walked up to them and coughed loud behind them, they both quickly turned around and they weren't the only ones. I usually enjoyed the attention from everyone but that didn't really help in this situation and it only was making me more nervous. "Can I talk to you?" I looked at Taylor and she seemed to be shocked that I actually came up to her and want to talk with her. She slowly nodded and I looked at Demi and she had a smile plastered on her pretty face which was smiling at me and she nodded and smiled a little bit bigger before she hugged Taylor and walked away.
I lead Taylor outside, where we could talk alone. I really had no idea how to start this so we stood there awkwardly for a few minutes before she started talking. "What do you want to talk about?" She asked me, it was a soft, afraid whisper. "About the baby" I started and she looked up at me, afraid of what I would say I guess. "Tay... I am so sorry... for everything I did to you... I-I didn't even realize I was hurting you until Demi talked to me. I want you to know that I will support you with the baby and everything you need." I said it. "Joe... I... thank you, this means a lot and I don't really know what to say" She said and laughed a little, the laugh which annoyed me when I always spend my time with her but now it was different, I saw her different.
"Listen... I will help you with the baby as much as I can okay? It's kind of my fault you are in that mess now and I want to make everything okay" She nodded and leaned over to hug me. "What do you say? Friends?" She asked me and I smiled big at her and hugged her again. "Thank you Taylor, this means much to me" I whispered to her and she nodded.
"Well we better go to class now" She smiled and walked away leaving me alone there, now I only needed to fix what I did to Demi and all the other girls I once hurt... Demi would be the hardest that was for sure.

It was Lunch and I tried to find Demi but I didn't so I just sat at my usual table and started eating, that was until Zac and David and a few other guys from the football team and their girlfriends sat down at my table. "Hey dude" Zac smirked at me and I only continued to eat. "And was she any kind of good?" David asked me and I started coughing, my food being stuck in my throat. After a few minutes I looked at him with wide eyes. "What?" "Demi..." He said and I didn't know what to say. "Um... " "Did she ditch you? Ohhh... she did that's why you weren't at the restaurant with her" I shook my head and didn't really know what to say, everyone was looking at me, waiting for an answer from me. I didn't say anything so everyone continued to question me but I didn't want to tell them about mine and Demi's date like I told them about all the other dates I had with girls.
"You own him 200 bucks, he slept with me and we went to a different restaurant" Demi walked past us and everyone stared at me with wide eyes that I really got her, but I ignored them and focused on Demi, how she looked back at me and winked and how she continued to walk towards her cursed table where Taylor was already sitting. I only shook my head and smiled at myself before I turned to everyone else. "Damn" David and Zac said and handed me the 200 bucks and I already knew what I was going to do with this money.

1: are yu happy Taylor and Joe are getting along?
2: do you think Joe regrets what he did to all the people
3: why did Demi tell the others she slept with Joe?
4: why was she smiling so big when Joe wanted to talk to Taylor?
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