Pt.4/5 The 9/11 WTC Attack Paradox ~ Secrets Not Meant to Know + One Step Beyond Judy Wood





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Uploaded on Feb 21, 2012

A groundbreaking 5 part series clarifying the occult science behind the 911 terror attacks revealed as foundation of a new world system [WATCH PLAYLIST: ►http://goo.gl/CdWJML◄] ALL 4 planes were strategically intercepted in mid air around their respective U-turns & subject to the SAME scenario: ►

1) The terrorists/hijackers first needed to disable the transponders in order to interrupt secondary radar coverage, after which
2) the plane was directed into rapid descent at an altitude below primary radar coverage.
3) Hence the cellphone calls were possible at low altitude and reduced velocity and some passengers were able to call their families and able to report the view of buildings.
4) Hence the substitute "planes" i.e. unconventional holographic non-solid drone "planes" are put into action and become the re-acquired primary radar target.

These holographic "drones" were absolutely necessary because real planes could never reach the towers, let alone cause the traumatic effect of the towers collapsing. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) estimated the velocity of the 2nd "plane" at 570 Mph (496 knots) in its final report. As is well-known, a 767 cannot fly 496 knots at 700 feet. The air density at that altitude would rip the plane apart before it could achieve 400 knots. A real plane would never reach the towers at the speed & altitude we observed this "plane" approaching the building. The airspeed at such low altitudes would destroy the aircraft just by the increase in parasitic drag, ripping the panels apart.

This holographic "drone" or "plane projection" exhibited many deformations depending from which viewpoint it was observed or videotaped. Deformations like a missing left or right wing, a morphing tail section or appearing black or grey at the same time. These are effects of negative light refraction and give us insight into the unconventional light bending techniques used that day. We were witnessing an advanced performance of the Tesla based Hutchison effect, which elaborated on Tesla technology experiments with complex high power radio frequency, exciting extremely destructive pressure waves and plasma, hence the deformed steel and spontaneous combustion of fires and radiation.

To gain more insight into what actually happened to the flight crew and passengers, the transcript research gives eye opening information (read: relation of the white smoke (dense gas) to the observed static):

A) On Flight 11, flight attendant Betty Ong reported "mace or something." People in business class couldn't breathe. They had to move the passengers to the back of the plane. The plane was flying very erratically. Flight attendant Amy Sweeney had said (she was screaming - not calm) to Michael Woodward (flight service manager for American Airlines in Boston) that something was wrong, "they're not flying the airplane, they're not flying the airplane".. (►http://www.911myths.com/images/a/ac/T... *at page 38) Michael Woodward reported that at the end of the call he could hear a very loud STATIC noise sounding like a tornado. (►http://web.archive.org/web/2010121322... *at page 16)

B) On Flight 175, Peter Hanson also reported "mace." Passengers were throwing up and getting sick. The plane was making strange jerky movements and he had the impression that the pilot was not flying the plane. (►http://web.archive.org/web/2014111104...)
Katherine Bailey the wife of Garnet Bailey, passenger on board of flight 175, received a phone call shortly before 09:00 AM only hearing STATIC. (►http://web.archive.org/web/2010091712... *at page 59)

C) On Flight 93, Edward Felt reported some sort of explosion had occurred and WHITE SMOKE was somewhere on (outside on) the plane and this phone call contained STATIC (by Glenn W. Cramer). (►http://web.archive.org/web/2010091712... *at page 42)

D) A United Airlines employee in London received a call from a Satellite Phone SATCOM from an unknown aircraft. The person sounded as if they were being choked. (►http://web.archive.org/web/2010091712... *at page 16)

In concluding, the same exotic weaponry technology used to bring both twin towers down, was also applied to the real planes, which were taken over by that same electric/electromagnetic force being applied to the WTC towers and the Pentagon. Passengers must have suffocated through the release of toxic ionized ozone gas, making breathing difficult to impossible. It was mistakenly taken for "mace" that couldn't be inhaled.

The 9/11 event was so much more than merely an "inside job." (2016)


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