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Published on Aug 18, 2011

Because somebody requested it. Now I like some of this guy's other videos that I saw today they are funny. And on religion or picking on glen beck that's all good. But had to call him out on this obvious editing of Ron Paul and a article about xmas from 2003. Saying you can't vote for someone who is christian is like saying you can't vote for someone because they smoke and you are not a smoker. If they do what is right then it doesn't matter if they believe in an invisible man or not. And Paul has been doing what's right.
Guy looks too young to have had kids that and too fat and hairy for anyone to want him yet he has a swing set, I doubt he built one for himself which make me think he's living with his momma and probably a jobless wonder. He should call himself the angry atheist, no wonder he's mad at the world. I have an idea, go on a diet, work out some and get a job better than dairy queen.

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Niklas Jonsson
Amazing atheist is elitism defined. Never any real intelligent arguments, the only thing he does is spend the first third of his videos creating a straw-man and the rest of the video bashing on that straw man. If he happens to be correct on certain issues or not doesn't matter, his aggressive way of arguing is counterproductive and will never achieve anything better than a sense of elitism for himself and whoever happens to agree with him. And also, did he actually think cancer was a living organism? Seriously?
The state is inherent? I don't even know where to begin picking apart how wrong and stupid that is. Freedom is inherent, you don't need a god or a government to tell you that you have rights, you are born with them. The state only tries to take away rights and make people less free. 
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Andy Pittman
I like this dude
11:00 Parasite:  An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. Organism: Any living biological entity, such as an animal, plant, fungus, or bacterium. So from these definitions we can argue/conclude that a fetus is in fact a parasite. Because it grows, feeds, and is sheltered in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host. 
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Iwan Jones
you are a retard get a brain
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I agree with this video, thumbs up.
Paul Robinson
nice. i cant stand that guy..he is a dribbler. your a ledgend R
Of course he doesn't like Christians; he's a jew! Another one of these lisping jewish 'atheists' who hate Muslims and Christians, but love jews and 'Israel'!
Daniel Murray
ye, that video was really silly, it seemed to be clearly from someone who wanted to disregard Ron Paul.  Rights are not inherent, but the state is???? how is the state and the power structure, inherent. Rights should be seen as inherent.  Re economics Ron Paul is the best versed person on U.S. economics I have ever seen. He also has a consistent stand unparalleled by anyone else. So much integrity. The amazing atheist essentially is anti the constitution. Religious people are anti abortion based on religious doctrines, atheists who are anti abortion because they see the unborn being a living person. The fact is Ron Paul has a few extremely important fundamental issues which outweigh fringe or incidental issues. The idea being an atheist means you have to be pro abortion, says it all about this guy.
i agreed with you all the way through, subbed! also, sick shirt.
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