Avoid Rape By Not 'Dressing Like A Whore', Says Krista Ford





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Published on Sep 5, 2012

"The niece of Toronto mayor Rob Ford has ignited a firestorm of controversy after suggesting women who 'dress like a whore' are asking to be sexually assaulted.
Krista Ford, 21, a former Lingerie Football player who is dressed extremely provocatively in her Twitter profile picture, tweeted the controversial remark on Wednesday, after a string of sexual assaults were reported in the Canadian city.
'Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don't dress like a whore,' she wrote just an hour after a press conference about the serial attacks, the New York Daily News reported...".* Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (host of TYT University and Common Room) break it down on The Young Turks.

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Raging Light
I'll go even further and say if a woman was wearing nothing but a t-shirt that said "RAPE ME" in bold letters, its still not her fault if she is raped. Rape is a crime just like murder is a crime. If someone wore a shirt asking you to murder them would that make it okay? It doesn't matter is someone is dressed provocatively, you are responsible for your own actions.
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Epic Girl
I can agree to that.
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Veemon digimon
GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL. PEOPLE ALWAYS JUDGE PEOPLE BASED ON THE WAY THEY ARE DRESSED, FOR WORK, FOR AN INTERVIEW, IN THE STREET ETC.  THE RAPIST AND THE MUGGER ARE ALWAYS WRONG FOR THEIR VIOLENT REACTIONS....BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD DO THINGS THAT BAIT VIOLENCE. If a white man walks through the projects with a gold watch, an expensive tuxedo  and expensive shoes...nobody is saying that that mugger is right for beating him up and taking his money. What they will say is that THE MAN WAS STUPID FOR PUTTING HIMSELF IN SUCH DANGER.
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2 Girls With Green eyes
Miss Michelle exactly, there are women in Muslim countries who wear full burkas from head to toe including covering the entire face and they still get raped...must have been because their feet and toes were showing.
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 I would like to urge people to avoid getting staked through the heart by not dressing like a vampire.
Dressing like a whore is just a icing on the cake for predators. I think every predators are different and may have personal preference on their targets.
Faith Ann Sizemore
A person should not have to dress themselves to accommodate someone else's lack of self control
Shouldn't they think it's more strange if some men go into an uncontrollable raping frenzy if they see any part of a woman's body?
Tom Johnson
Nobody said how you dress might make you responsible for you getting sexually assaulted. That doesn't mean that your attire cannot increase your risk.
Slade Wilson
+Axe Avier You're not getting it, being "slutty" is not the cause of rape, I never said that, but it's common knowledge that since rape is SEX without consent, then there will be rapist who choose their victims by the way they dress and or act.  Tell me what the hell is wrong with suggesting that women and men who dress "slutty"(even the ones that don't)should take precautions to help avoid being raped, you know since the world is not a perfect utopia where we can do all the things that are our rights to do without worrying about being victimized.
I got news for this dumb broad. I almost got raped wearing sweats and jeans every single day, and the day he pounced was opportunistic on his part since I was alone. I had on a sweater and a skirt below my knees. Rape is about power not about visual stimulation, you scatterbrained wackadoo. Grandma's , children AND men get raped, none of which so called dress "provocatively."
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Ifsa Hussain
so little kids who get sexually abused ask for it that woman dont know shit you cant blame the victim
Tom Johnson
Who is blaming the victim?
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