Rep. Dan Burton - America is not the World's Policeman





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Published on Mar 8, 2012

On Thursday, March 8, 2012, Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN-05) addressed the floor of Congress to discuss the growing talks of possible American militaristic interventionism into Syria.

The full text of Congressman Burton's prepared remarks can be found here: http://burton.house.gov/posts/rep-bur...

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    Rep. Dan Burton Career Retrospective Interview

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    Rep. Dan Burton Gives His Final Floor Speech on the House Floor

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    Rep. Dan Burton Reacts to the Latest Congressional Hearings on Autism

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    Rep. Burton During the Oversight Committee Hearing On Diplomatic Security in Libya Part 2

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    Rep. Burton During the Oversight Committee Hearing On Diplomatic Security in Libya Part 1

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    Rep. Burton: We Should Not Give Money To Anyone Who Tries to Undermine the U.S.

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    Rep. Burton Talks About Money Being Sent to Egypt and Libya

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    Rep. Burton on the House Floor "We Have to be Prepared"

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    Rep. Burton Advocates for Greater Use of Military Technology

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    Rep Burton's Opening Statement From the Oversight Committee Hearing on Obamacare

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    Rep. Burton Makes the Case for Contempt Against AG Holder on the House Floor

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    Rep. Dan Burton's Opening Statement on Contempt Charges Against AG Eric Holder

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    Rep. Dan Burton Discusses "Fast and Furious" on Fox News

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    Rep. Dan Burton Discusses the Fast & Furious Contempt Charges on Justice with Judge Jeanine

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    Rep. Dan Burton Talks About Fast and Furious on "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren

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    Rep. Burton: Is President Obama Misleading on Domestic Energy Production?

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    Rep. Burton Questions Martha Johnson During the OGR Hearing on the GSA

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    Rep, Burton Challenges President Obama's Oil Drilling Claims

  19. 19

    Rep. Burton: Mr. President, the people of this country are hurting!

  20. Rep. Dan Burton - America is not the World's Policeman

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    Rep. Burton: Raising Taxes Will Not Get Us Out of Economic Recession

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    Rep. Burton Talks about High Energy Prices on the House Floor

  23. 23

    Rep. Dan Burton Grills Attorney General Eric Holder over Fast and Furious

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    Rep. Burton Appears on Fox Business to Talk About Current Issues

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    Rep. Burton Comments on President Obama's Request to Increase the Debt Ceiling

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    Fox Business Asks "Can Congress Be Nice to Each Other?"

  27. 27

    Rep. Burton Talks About the Potential Bailout of Europe

  28. 28

    Burton Questions Fannie:Freddie

  29. 29

    Rep. Burton Questions Secretary Clinton About the Spread of Islamic Fundamentalism

  30. 30

    To Stimulate the Economy We Must Cut Taxes, Not Raise Them

  31. 31

    Rep. Burton on Solyndra - "This smacks of Chicago politics"

  32. 32

    Rep. Burton Talks About Washington's Excessive Spending and Inflation

  33. 33

    Rep. Burton Addresses the Issue of Inflation on the House Floor

  34. 34

    Rep. Burton Grills Special Agents at Government Oversight's Fast and Furious Hearing

  35. 35

    "They Want to Spend More, They Want to Tax More and We Don't!"

  36. 36

    The Federal Government is Not Living Within Its Means

  37. 37

    The United States Doesn't Have a Revenue Problem, It Has a Spending Problem

  38. 38

    Rep. Burton - "Israel's Right to Exist Should Be Guaranteed"

  39. 39

    CBS Segment on Presidential Condolence Letters

  40. 40

    Unless there was an attack or a threat on the United States, we shouldn't be in Libya

  41. 41

    Rep. Burton Questions the Constitutionality of President Obama's War in Libya

  42. 42

    Rep. Burton Grills Obama Administration Official at Delphi Hearing

  43. 43

    Keynesian economics does not work. Free enterprise does!

  44. 44

    The President does not have the Constitutional authority to use ongoing military force in Libya

  45. 45

    "Never Give Up" by Congressman Dan Burton

  46. 46

    We must do all that we can to protect our nation from terrorism

  47. 47

    Rep. Burton Honors the Service of Cpl. Sean Leahy

  48. 48

    Rep. Dan Burton Addresses the Need For More Domestic Energy Production

  49. 49

    Rep. Dan Burton Fights For More Cuts in the Budget

  50. 50

    One Year Anniversary of Obamacare

  51. 51

    Rep. Dan Burton Addresses 2011 Youth Leadership Conference

  52. 52

    I Hope the President Hears Me...

  53. 53

    I Hope the President Hears Me...

  54. 54

    Can you take a message back to the President for me?

  55. 55

    We Must Move Toward Energy Independence

  56. 56

    Energy Independence NOW!

  57. 57

    DEA Officers Targeted on Southern Border

  58. 58

    Defund the Bureau of Land Management Now!

  59. 59

    How President Reagan Met My Mother...

  60. 60

    The UN is a scandal ridden mess!

  61. 61

    Save the Mustangs; Save American Tax Dollars

  62. 62

    Happy Holidays to Our Troops Abroad

  63. 63

    "This has been the worst Congress..."

  64. 64

    "This Is War, Mr. President."

  65. 65

    Rep. Dan Burton Takes the Floor on Border Security

  66. 66

    Rep. Burton Outlines Goals for Upcoming Term

  67. 67

    Rep. Burton Addresses the Ghailani Acquittal

  68. 68

    Rep. Burton Presses the Importance of Adoption

  69. 69

    Rep. Burton introduces Rep. Stutzman to Congress

  70. 70

    Rep. Burton on Fox Business News Discussing Extension of the Bush Tax Cuts

  71. 71

    Rep. Burton on Fox Business News on Shedding Government Spending

  72. 72

    Burton to Hoosiers: We must stop the Tax Hikes

  73. 73

    Burton Says NO To Tax Increases on Fox Biz

  74. 74

    "We Need to Take the Steps to Necessary to Bring About Economic Recovery"

  75. 75

    Rep. Burton Eulogizes Spc. Chad Clements of Huntington, Indiana

  76. 76

    Bringing Congress Back to Waste Taxpayer Money is a Waste of Time

  77. 77

    Tax Cuts or Hikes Should Not Be Based on Where You Live

  78. 78

    The Tea Party Wants Less Government and More Responsibility

  79. 79

    Rep. Burton Talks About the Government's Inconsistent Immigration Policies

  80. 80

    Beware the Lame Duck Congress

  81. 81

    Rep. Burton to President Obama: Don't Waive These Sanctions On Iran

  82. 82

    The way to turn the economy around is to cut taxes, not raise them.

  83. 83

    Rep. Burton Responds to State Department Apologizing to China About Arizona Immigration Law

  84. 84

    We Need A Very Strong Iran Sanctions Bill

  85. 85

    Rep. Burton Invites 5th CD Hoosiers to Participate in YouCut

  86. 86

    Fidel Castro Approves of Health Care Vote

  87. 87

    The Democrats Can't Do What They Want Without Raising Taxes

  88. 88

    Rep. Burton Continues His Call for the Defense of Israel

  89. 89

    Tea Party Movement Should Not Be Condemned For The Actions of a Few

  90. 90

    Health Care Message From Dan Burton

  91. 91

    Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Think the American People Get It

  92. 92

    We Need to Support Israel in Every Way Possible

  93. 93

    Rep. Burton Continues to Challenge Democrats on Health Care Reform

  94. 94

    Rep. Dan Burton Renews His Call for Exoneration of Navy SEAL 3

  95. 95

    Rep. Burton Calls on Administration to Support and Defend Israel

  96. 96

    Rep. Burton questions Toyota C.E.O. Akio Toyoda

  97. 97

    Rep. Burton Questions DOT Sec. Ray LaHood at the Toyota Hearing

  98. 98

    Cut Spending and Cut Taxes for a Sound Economy

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