Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up -- 9 October 2011, Wi-Fi Matchmaking #03





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Uploaded on Oct 30, 2011

The other part of my uploads from just prior to Halloween that got swept up in the whirlwind of festive uploading, which is kinda sad in retrospect, seeing as how the Ninja Turtles are a longtime favorite of tricky treaters over the ages...or maybe just a certain era, which only further shows my age on the matter. Ahem! Let's go smash things up!

I'm sad to say that this is the last of the smashing up for now. This game's matches are far more compactly chaotic than the more standard fighting fare. That's a good thing for all of us, except perhaps those left hungry for more.


Match #1 -- Dojo
Splinter Rabbid (Joou)
Leonardo (TMNT1)
Shredder (TMNT2)

As if in preparation for even more layers of Halloween excitement, the Rabbids also like to play dress-up among characters who'd fit right in at a costume party as themselves.

The Splinter Rabbid has some interesting tools at his disposal, but they require some clever and skillful execution to make the most of them. Or you could spam the dart gun and then get rightfully bopped upside your head for being annoying and predictable.

Leo forgot the cardinal rule of keeping one eye on the Shredder at all times, lest the match end early in his favor.


Match #2 -- Dojo
Leonardo (Joou)
Raphael (TMNT1)
Michelangelo (TMNT2)

I'm not sure I say this often enough, but somebody did a really nice job with this song, basically the signature anthem for TMNT Smash-Up, as it's the credits theme and can play on any and all stages. It does exactly what it's required to do, and even on a bland stage like the Dojo it manages to suck you in and amp you up, getting you ready to smash some stuff up! YEAH! ...er...ahem... yes, quite.

What do you call it when you're already trying to snatch up a KO point when the steal actually gets stolen out from under you? Some kind of recursive kill steal? Of course, that's part of the game and what keeps things fast and frenzied, since you can't afford as much caution as you might be inclined to if you thought you could just make up for points later. I rather like its simple elegance for forcing people to fight each other a lot more than they might otherwise.


Match #3 -- Western Town
Utrominator (Joou)
Donatello (TMNT1)
Splinter Rabbid (TMNT2)

An amusing aside, my eternal rival happens to like this song as a result of having heard it playing from a distant room. I guess it makes a bigger impression than I thought; the sharp whistling melody sure can cut a swath through one's audial recollections.

The Utrominator doesn't seem to show up a lot, but a few of his attacks are quite pesky if you let them get underway. Of particular note is that machinegun, hitting so frequently that it will break guards all by itself.
Hey, wow, TMNT1's admirable efforts to properly use the cursor functions in spite of the online lag involved with trying it out actually paid some pretty big dividends, he triggered the buffalo charge by shooting the hard-to-see target hiding right behind the covered wagon in the background. It took me several tries just to pick out the moment it was shot in multiple replay attempts of this very video. Quite impressive, considering it was hard to see, doesn't stick around for very long, and he happened to hit it without missing a beat.


Match #4 -- Garbage Dump
Splinter Rabbid (Joou)
Master Splinter (TMNT1)
Foot Ninja (TMNT2)

For the record, and I'm sure (hoping) that it wasn't just me...but Splinter Rabbid obviously has nothing to do with Master Splinter. I often forget that Splinter Cell is a series of games under Ubisoft's belt, anyway. (Has a Rabbid ever dressed up pretending to be a character from Assassin's Creed?)

Otherwise, this stage and its signature background music are quite appropriate for the season.


Match #5 -- Enemy Base
Shredder (Joou)
Casey Jones (TMNT1)

Now the Shredder is on the other claw! I'm not surprised to have seen quite a bit of him, but I am surprised to say that this was the only showing I saw from Casey Jones.

This stage creates an interesting and uneasy tension when there are only two or three players, because it means that there will be plenty of potential to go ahead and play with the ray gun's controls. I'm really not sure why it's on the INSIDE of the enemy stronghold, but it sure does make for some interesting distractions for what could have otherwise proved to be a very straightforward battle.


Match #6 -- Manhattan
Raving Rabbid (Joou)
Donatello (TMNT1)

This is one of my favorite stages, because it's very platforming-heavy while remaining a relatively static environment. It's easy to do a lot of jumping around when the stage is constantly scrolling and forcing you to do so, but it's another matter entirely when you give players the room to do so without actually forcing them to, leading to a different set of tactics and approaches.

Even one-on-one, this leaves quite a bit of latitude to separate the true shinobi from the kids playing ninja. Believe it!


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