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Published on Jun 1, 2012

This week on the Marketing Update, Amanda Iglesias and Michael Mintz discuss San Francisco boycotting a new app, whether the UN should be granted more control over the Internet, Salesforce being ready to snap up Buddy Media for $800M, bit.ly expanding its features, and Facebook increasing its publishing strength.

Episode #203 - June 1, 2012
The One Where the Light almost Caught on Fire


Special Edition of MktgUp, "The Orange Alert"
On the show today is Amanda Iglesias (@amandalucia) and Michael Mintz (@mintzworld)
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Before we jump into stories, we have some exciting updates:

BBJ Best Places to Work - 1st Place 2 Years in a Row, 2nd Place this year
Special awards - Loudest Group
Special shoutout to a very Pregnant Karen Rubin

Up first, Autopsy of a Failed Marketing Launch...

San Fransisco Boycotts a New App

Article in Forbes reports on the debacle that was the San Francisco Launch of SceneTap
What is SceneTap?
"App [for Apple and Android] to gather information from cameras that SceneTap has placed in participating bars and clubs. Their cameras combine what they see with facial detection software and SceneTap?s app - to provide SceneTap app users a specific, real-time data set on bar patrons.
SceneTap claims to have already tracked over 8.5 million people.
Horrible Reviews from SF Weekly, ZDNet and Ars Technica
Expressed major concern over how privacy invasion
Name dropped all the bars who were going to be trying it out
Quickly snowballed ? Full-on Twitter/Yelp war online, where SFransiscans called for boycotting those bars/restaurants who were working with SceneTap
Several restaurants/bars pulled out
Highly unlikely that SF citizens will D/L the app
Marketing Rollout - Where did it all go wrong?
Didn't understand their Audience
PRE-LAUNCH: ?San Francisco, the epicenter for earthquakes, technology, stuck-up coffeehouses, prima donna chefs and? privacy.?
If the App has a potential to make people feel like they?re being ?spied on?, it may not sit well with that audience
POST-LAUNCH: Failed to acknowledge why folks in SF were upset.
It?s really not helping that SceneTap is in comments telling San Franciscans they don?t know what they?re talking about if they haven?t downloaded the app. Especially when San Franciscans, in particular, are well versed in the tech behind invasive technologies and have been contending with their public use for years.
People felt like their concerns were dismissed
Too little, too late
It went viral (in such a negative way) that the way most SFians are finding out about SceneTap is by friends sharing articles about the app - as a handy list of places to boycott.

Up next, Who gets to control the internet?

Should the UN be granted more control over the internet?

Mashable reports on the looming December 2012 meeting to discuss who gets to control the internet
The Subcommittee on Communications and Technology had a scheduled hearing yesterday to discuss whether the US should defeat the proposal
How is the Internet Managed Currently?
?Multi-Stakeholder? - various private and public organizations each play specific roles in managing the Internet
What is being proposed?
Top-down, centralized international regulation by the United Nations, which some countries say would ?democratize? control over the internet
Why does this matter?
Privacy is a big concern
Financial risks to giants like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon Cisco - tarrifs on internet service providers
Online Free speech is another big concern - Seeing examples of this already:
CHINA - Seina Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter)
Already has the Great Firewall of China and has fought epic battles with Google
Now, turns its attention to Twitter, which will help China Score User Behavior
Gained by taking part in community-based activities
Lost by breaching conduct
If you loose all your points, you are banned
If you thought the US was immune, recent news that the Department of Homeland Security has released a list of Keywords being used to Monitor Social Networking Sites
While that?s not censorship, it makes it clear that the data is important to the USGov, and who knows what they do with it.
Marketing Taweaway -
While we pay really close attention to how our prospects search, it?s weird to see how we feel when the US government monitors us.
So when you are monitoring things that your prospects search for, make sure what you do with that information adds value instead of restricting them.

Up next, What?s up with all these acquisitions?

[Let?s start with Michael, taking us through fairly notable Tech Acquisitions]

Salesforce set to Snap Up Buddy Media for $800M

Recent article from Al


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