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Published on Aug 18, 2010

I'm sorry this one took so long, but I was a little stuck :)
Here it is,


The Year 1553 -- Episode XVII

Lord Joseph's P.O.V

Demetria got to the end of the aisle, and stood beside Alexandre and took his hands in hers. Now or never, I thought to myself and closed my eyes. Just as I did that, Selena and Nicholas ran at either side of the room on the balcony, and pulled down the curtains one by one. In the matter of seconds the room was pitch black. I opened my eyes, and my eyes adjusted right away. I could see how everyone was shocked and scared, and I stood up and ran towards Demetria. I looked at her for one second, and covered her mouth and pulled her over my shoulder. I felt her fight against me, and kicking her legs. I held her as still as possible. Selena had loosened the rope, so all I had to do now, was crawl up with Demetria over my shoulder. I had to be fast before they saw me, and they got the curtains opened again. I got a hold of the rope, and pulled us up with one arm. I could only use my right arm, because I had to hold Demetria so I didn't drop her. I used my feet, and got up so Nicholas and Selena could reach her. They pulled up to the balcony, and Nicholas quickly disappeared. I crawled back down, and Selena pulled the rope up and took it off the hook. She signaled to me, threw my sword to me quickly and then disappeared too.

I sat back down in my seat hiding the sword as good as I could, and waited for the maids to pull the curtains again. When they finally got to them, and the room was lighted again everyone rubbed their eyes by the change of light. Then the room was filled with gasps and half-screams, and I acted surprised myself. I saw Alexandre's eyes widen completely, and he looked at Lord Taylor questioningly, but he looked just as clueless. Then I saw the four Spaniards talk for three seconds, then stand up and heading towards Dianna. Then I took three long strides towards them, pulling my sword and pointing it right towards them. 'Don't you dare!' I said, scowling at the four men. 'Stop it, Lord Joseph! You do not have the guts to do anything' It was Lord Taylor who spoke, as he continued towards Dianna. He was about to grab her wrist, when I put the tip of my sword to his throat. 'I said, don't you dare!' He stopped and put his hands up beside him. He lifted up his chin, and smirked. 'Do it. Kill me. If you dare' He said, looking me straight in the eyes. I pressed the sword a little harder to his throat, and a little drop of blood ran down his chest. 'Why should I kill you? You are nothing but a pathetic traitor!' I yelled, as more blood ran from his throat.

'Joseph, let him go! He has done nothing wrong' I heard Alexandre behind me. 'Shut up Alexandre! You not better yourself! You are just as much a traitor as Lord Taylor here!' I yelled, not turning around to look at him. I heard gasps, and Alexandre was silent. 'Yes, that right everyone! That man right there, were helping the Spaniards trying to kill Queen Demetria! It is the truth, Prince Alexandre is a traitor!' I yelled so everyone could hear it. I heard a sword being pulled, so I turned around just in time to stop his sword. 'That just proves I'm right' I said, and he swung his sword again. I stopped again, and he tried again and again. I kept stopping him, until I hit his sword so hard I flung out of his hands. I put the sword on his neck, just as I'd done with Lord Taylor. 'Give up, Alexandre! You've proved me right, and you will most likely be beheaded. I heard someone gasp, probably his parents. 'Joseph, you're so stupid! You're the only one in here, who knows where Demetria is. So you're the one who'll be beheaded!' He said, and I rolled my eyes. 'Alexandre, I was in here the whole time. I don't have anything to do with Demetria's disappearance' I lied.

Hope you liked it! :D

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xoxo AllYouDemand :)


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