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Published on Sep 10, 2011

The debut music video of the Caspian Dreamers, set on the shores of the sea in Baku, Azerbaijan. We welcome you to explore this magical city that will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2012.

This song is a parody of Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind. Enjoy!


This is Azerbaijan, it's called the land of fire
Where oil flows like honey, nothin's sweeter than my money

I can play the Saz or bust out some Meyxana,
walking down the bulvar to check out foxy mommas

Genclik to Bak-Soviet I don't need no metro
Rollin' in my lexus or maybe my benzo

Straight through Icheri Sheher, I ain't got a single care
I don't need no reason to stay at the 4 Seasons

Cruisin' up to eternal flame, skylines filled all with cranes
Hit up Milli park 'cuz you all know that playin' Nard's my game

Pop in chudo pechka, lookin for a sweet deal
Paklava and fruity tort, yeah its good for every meal

Next stop qelyan, PS3, Ping Pong
Nice smash form ah...Lets eat a Shaurma

Walkin through the Bazar they be callin' our name
Ashig Timo, Teze B, it's a life of fame

Chorus --

In Baku
Where everyone is Caspian Dreamin', we all got that feelin'
Now you're in Baku
The streets are all brand new
The chay will hydrate you
Lets hear it for Baku, Baku, Baku....

Located in the Caucasus, well Baku's always rockin' us
Prada, Fendi, Gucci styles, high class fashion's a must

Strolling through fountain square, wind all blowin' through your hair
Eating at McDonalds, where burgers come all in pairs

Top of Qiz Qalisi, looking out to the sea
You can see the biggest flag, just flappin' away in the breeze

Now we hit up freedom square, everybody's comin' here
Getting kinda thirsty, it's time for a cold beer

We could roll to Finnegans or walk over to Otto
Adams, Strangers, Shakespeare, party is our motto

NZS, Xirdalan, smoked cheese, noxud
Always such a good deal, so always in a good mood

Getting kinda late so I gotta get home,
Take a Lada taxi ride, bass blowin' up my dome

Livin' in the suburbs, in a place called Masazir
Momma's got dinner ready, man I love livin' here

Chorus --

In Baku
Where the lights are all shining and the carpets are flying
Now you're in Baku
All the buildings are brand new
The chay will hydrate you
Lets hear it for Baku, Baku, Baku...

I may be young at heart, but momma says it's late in life
Go to Onun Yarisi, try and find me a wife

That didn't work, so I still got a hole
Play in Genclik Stadium, try to score a couple goals

Head to Park Bulvar, do a little shoppin'
Underground Disco, the party's always rockin'

Late night mafia, know I'm always winnin'
I can spot a liar, straight from the beginning

Head off to a wedding, here it be called a toy
Show off all my dance moves, for all them girls and them boys

Then we get our feast on, boom camera swings in
Knockin' back a couple toasts, hope the night never ends

Here in the 'baijan, the east meets the west
So gather all your singers and we'll see who's the best

Eurovision Champions, Ell and Nikki what a pair
I aint ever been afraid, but love's got them runnin' scared

Chorus --

To Baku
Where the food is so tasty, better come or you're crazy
Over to Baku
They're making everything brand new
The chay will hydrate you
Lets hear it for Baku, Baku, Baku...

Edit: Thank you so much everyone for watching! A lot of people are asking us about traveling to Azerbaijan. If you want to see Baku there are plenty of hotels, but if you want to see the beautiful mountains and villages of Azerbaijan, check out www.cbtazerbaijan.com It is a community based eco-tourism project that helps promote Azerbaijan's diverse regions and culture.

Also, we are planning a new video in the near future...stay posted!

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