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I Need You (Justin Bieber Love Story)- Episode 39





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Uploaded on Jul 26, 2011

???: *Knock on the door and walks in* Hey.
Dae: Hey Ryan.
Ryan: The guys are going swimming. Want to come?
Caitlin: We were just about to paint our nails. *Whines*
Mesa: And it's almost midnight.
Ryan: That's what makes it fun. Late night swim. *Smiles*
Dae: Come on. It could be fun. *Looks at Caitlin and Mesa*
Mesa: Okay, I'm in.
Caitlin: *Smiles* Me too.
Ryan: Then get ready. We'll be in the backyard. *Leaves*
Girls: *Gets ready*
(Swimsuits: )
Girls: *Walks out to the backyard*
Chaz: *Whistles* Some girls are looking hot!
Everyone: *Laughs*
Justin & Chaz: *In the pool*
Ryan: Come on girls.
Christian: How about we make this a little fun?
Mesa: Do you mean?
Caitlin: *Smiles* I think I know what's going on here.
Dae: We're in. *Smiles*
Ryan: Who ever is last one in the pool wins!
Christian: On your mark get set go! *Pushes Caitlin in*
Caitlin: Not fair! I wasn't ready!
Ryan: That's too bad. *Laughs* One down two to go!
Dae: *Runs around the pool*
Christian: *Chases her and pushes her in*
Dae: Christian!!
Christian: Sorry! *Smiles*
Justin: *Swims behind her and grabs her waist*
Dae: AH! *Turns around and see Justin* Gosh! You scared me!
Justin: *Laughs. Pecks her lips*
Mesa: *Run around the pool and pushes Christian in*
Christian: Damn it.
Mesa: *Giggles*
Ryan: I think we know who is going to win this! *Smiles*
Mesa: Oh no! *Runs around*
Ryan: *Chases her*
Mesa: *Turns around and pushes him in*
Ryan: *Hold on to her so the fall in together*
Mesa: I still win! *Pops out of the water*
Ryan: What?!
Dae: Ryan, you said that the last person in the pool wins. You fell in first.
Ryan: Damn.
Mesa: Yes! I win!
Ryan: *Still holding onto her*
Mesa: You can let go of me now.
Ryan: Oh right. Sorry. *Let's her go*
Caitlin: How about we play island sharks?
Chaz: Yes!
Christian: I'll get the island.
(A/N: If you don't know what island sharks is, then I'll explain. It's when you have a little board that floats in the water and you can have up to 10 people on it. And you try to push everyone in the water. That means you can hit them in the leg and stuff. And the last person standing on the island wins the game.)
Christian: *Come back with the island and put it in the pool*
Ryan: Everyone hop on!
Everyone: *Stand on the island*
Chaz: Ready, set, GO!
Caitlin: *Gets knocked down*
Chaz: *Falls in too*
Christian: All right two down!
Mesa: *Hits Christians leg*
Christian: *Falls in* Hey!
Mesa: *Giggles*
Justin: *Pushes Mesa in*
Mesa: *Falls in*
Dae: *Hits Justin's leg*
Justin: *Falls on the island*
Dae: *Drags him to the edge*
Justin: *Pulls on her ankle*
Dae: *Falls in*
Ryan: Looks like it's just the guys!
Justin: Only the good looking ones. *Laughs*
Ryan: *Chuckles* Your going down Bieber!
Justin: Butsy, you don't have a chance!
Both: *Attacks each other*
Justin: *Falls in first*
Ryan: *Stand on the island* Looks like Butsy won!
Justin: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. *Hugs Daelyn from behind*
Dae: Hi there.
Justin: Hey, gorgeous. *Kisses her cheek*
Dae: *Smiles and turns around*
Justin: *Kisses her gently on the lips*
Dae: *Kisses back*
Chaz: Guys! We were just having fun too.
Dae & Justin: *Pulls away and laughs*
Ryan: I'm going to get drinks.
Mesa: I'll help.
Ryan & Mesa: *Gets up and goes inside*
Ryan: Nice job Mace.
Mesa: Same for you Butler.
Ryan: *Laughs* Too bad we didn't get it on video.
Mesa: *Laughs* I can already see it now. Someone beats THE Justin Bieber.
Ryan: *Chuckles*

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