ONE DIRECTION - Imagine you caught him cheating... pt 1/2





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Published on Jun 27, 2012

Louis: You finished all your work early, so your boss said you could go ahead and go home. You we're glad, because this meant you could finally get some alone time with your boyfriend, Louis. "Babe, I'm home!" You said as you set your keys down on the counter inside you and Louis' flat. "Lou?" You called again, frowning. You shrugged and decided to go ahead and go change. But when you got closer to your room, you heard moans coming from the other side of the door. You gasped and pushed open the door, only to see Louis shirtless, lying on your bed making out with some random girl. "LOUIS!" You cried out in disbelief. He automatically shot off the girl. "Oh my god, (y/n), i'm so sorry, please let me explain!" He said rushing over to you. The girl rolled her eyes and walked over to you both. "Call me when you get rid of her Lou." She said kissing his jaw softly before hitting you with her shoulder as she passed towards the door to leave. You looked at Louis and shook your head, tears coming to your eyes as you tried to push them back. "Don't bother. Seriously Lou? and with a slut like her? I thought you loved me, but don't worry now I know your just a lying, cheating, jackass." You said glaring at him and rushing out the door. Louis sunk to his knees on the floor. "But I do love you..." He cried, but you were already gone.

Liam: You and Liam were just having a nice relaxing day watching some movies on TV. Liam kissed you forehead softly. "I love you." You smiled back and snuggled closer to him. Just then his phone beeped for like, the millionth time that day. You sighed and rolled your eyes as Liam looked as his phone and laughed. "Who are you texting?" You asked, trying not to sound like a jealous girlfriend. "Oh, um, just Niall." He said, smiling at you a bit. Liam wasn't a very good liar though... He always looked a bit like a guilty puppy. You just shrugged and let it go. A little while later, both you and Liam fell asleep. You woke up to his phone beeping again. You picked it up so you could tell Niall that Liam fell asleep, but when you opened the text it was most definitely not Niall. It was Danielle, and she said "So glad that we've been 'talking' again ;) Hurry up and get rid of her so you can come over... I'll be waiting." You gasped and stood up, throwing the phone at Liam as hard as you could. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at you, concerned. "Whats wrong (y/n)?" He asked you worriedly, standing up and coming over to you. You rolled your eyes and went upstairs to pack your stuff, not answering his questions, just putting all your stuff in your bag. Just before you left, you gave him the best glare you could, tears streaming down your cheeks. "She texted while you were sleeping Liam... I thought you were different." You said looking him right in the eyes before slamming the door shut.

Harry: You couldn't wait to surprise Harry! He had been on tour for about three months, and so you decided to surprise him with a visit. Your smile grew bigger and bigger as you got closer to the hotel. You called Louis, to tell him you were here to surprise Harry. Louis gave you the room number, and you quickly went upstairs to his room. You knocked on the door, but when someone answered the door it certainly wasn't who you were expecting. It was a girl in nothing but her bra and underwear. "May I help you?" She asked with a glare. You stared at her shocked. How could Harry do this to you? "Hey babe, who was at the door?" You curly haired soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend said, coming around the corner in nothing but his boxers. Finally, he saw you. He stared at you, shocked. "Babe! Um, what are you doing here? It, its not what it looks like!" Harry said immediately rushing over to you. You shoved him away before slapping him across the face. "Don't touch me Styles. You disgust me." You said glaring a him as tears filled your eyes. You immediately turned and rushed away, Harry calling your name and chasing after you.


I have 2 more guys that im about to post. These ones make me sad so i prefer you don't request them. HOW COULD THE BOYS DO THIS? Lou's was the saddest :'(


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