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Published on Jul 12, 2010

The Perfect Two by Auburn
I Drew and Izzy Wrote...

P.s. The random blue blobs on the paper is glue :P
I scanned all these pictures and once I uploaded it, i realised there was glue stuck to my scanner

P.p.s. We didn't sing this song, Auburn did, so stop sending me messages and commenting what great singers we are. I will either ignore you or may even insult your intelligence for not knowing how to read.

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KG Queen
You're the charger to my phone 
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rarity sparkle
KG Queen the charger is a doctor
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Bethany McLean
Is just me or does anyone else feel like a loner listening to this
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Jade Jubinville
same I'm happy with who I'm with
TheAdventuresofGoofGirl Goofy
Bethany McLean I'm already lonely😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
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sigh shanti
am i the only one listening in 2017? 😂. im a single pringle forever. im listening to the song, while scrolling through comments tagging their gf/bf, and wishes "man, i wish i had a relationship". but, i know how it feels to be broken up by the one you loved the most. its hard to go through it; it took me a month and a half to move on. but i feel pretty bad for those people who got their heart torn up in pieces. if you love that person, fight for it. there is no reason to stop (unless that person finds somebody else). anyways, im just laughing at some comments who made up their own like, "youre the toilet for my poo". 😂. that made my day. 😂. but any of you guys who got torn apart, its ok to feel depressed, its ok to feel lonely, its ok that your heart got torn up in pieces, its ok that you feel locked up in a cage, its ok to feel down, its ok to cry, its ok to have suicide feelings (please dont comitte suicide. please dont!), but just remember: at the end, everything will be alright. you might have felt betrayed, by a best friend or anything like that (i can relate), just forget about them, they are useless, and just cut them out of your life! you need to be strong, fight for whats right. (sorry if im going off topic). you just cant worry too much, its bad for you. you need to empty out your plate, and pick your ass up, but if you are troubling right now, its ok, its normal, itll go away soon. you can get through this by yourself. and if youre reading this, you are a strong, confident person, and always believe in yourself. reach your goals in life, and if you dont, try and figure out why. ask yourself some questions, but dont over think. this song really inspired me. and i just wanted to give ya'll some 'tips?'/'advice?'. <idk. but i am trying and helping. and remember: at the end, everything will be alright. :) <3.
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Spirit Night
sigh shanti in 2017? it's not even 8 months into 2017 nice try
Alexia Francois
sigh shanti thank you
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Johnny C
Omg this reminds me of my gf we met when I was 11 now I'm 14, so many good memories love you baby to: my xbox
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Fun Pugs
Johnny C lol I thought you were serious at the start! XD
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Girlfriend told me to listen to this.. Anyone else?
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raddest redhead
iAmTheKoii I told him lol
Flora &amp; Fauna
iAmTheKoii mine sung it as she proposed. Love you Laurel
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Pink Blood
LOL i sang this song to the fridge ☺👍
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Jaylynn Eckman
Pink Blood I am dying of laughter
warrior sunshine Lps
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Isabella Tellez
I have a school talent show coming up and I'm singing this song to my crush we've bean just friends sence 1st grade (Please don't make fun of me)
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Vanessa Hermoine
Isabella Tellez omg that is soooo cute
Annyi Rammy
Isabella Tellez No it's ok! I am same😘💙😋💘
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Josephine og kager
Am i the only one here, that doesn't have a Boyfriend?
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Flora &amp; Fauna
Josephine og kager I don't,I got a female fiancé
Pricil Unicorn
i dont have a bf aka im single lol
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I honestly think of my crush when I hear this song. He's amazing and funny. We're the perfect two L. =] IF you see this, you're amazing, funny, kind, and cute. =/ 
Little Lizzy JoyTM
orionxcarloto Omg same You have to L's and my name is Lizel and my crush's name is Liam:]
Kendra McMahon
so true... ♥
I hate all of you. How dare you be happy? Stop it. Go away. Die.
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Mr Me 2
Thrasher dick
hollie Pocket
That's a horrible text . That could make someone upset when something has just happens in the life which is horrible that could make someone go kill there self . Thing before post 😡
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