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Published on Jan 5, 2018

2018 Colorado: 2018 Governor, GP7A News Gubernatorial election
http:2018Governor2018.com/frontrunner-governor.html Published January 5, 2018 12:47 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | United States Gubernatorial News | 2018 Colorado Governor | John Hickenlooper | Governor John Hickenlooper | Frontrunner 2018 | Marcus Giavanni | Cary Kennedy | No Republican Front Runner as of Today. "Knowing and learning about Candidates for 2018 Front Runners Not Who You Think GP7A John W. Hickenlooper"." Governor John w. Hickenlooper Can not run for reelection due to reaching his 2nd term limit. See, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j...

2018 Colorado: "The Leader nonpartisan news GP7A News in 2018
Colorado, 2018 Governor of Colorado Primary Election Date is. June 26, 2018, and Midterm Election November 6, 2018 for Colorado Gubernatorial Election of 2018"."

"Governor of Colorado Front Runner 2018", When Voters know how to read binary code through images. They will be able to move mountains on the internet. Brower’s may not be able to control other circles, and what they say. But they can control the browser circles, to not let this type of content passed the Spiders and crawlers; indexing the next Google Top Organic Search. Triggered by future conversations on a subject matter. Google+ Law Authority #TapTheVote – Marcus Giavanni

This Governor Election for Colorado is the most import in Colorado
Voting History. As to the Fundamental Change for the Good, or shall the Song Remain the Same. And as a registered voter for 10 years in Colorado myself. I have seen, my share of some, incompetent individuals. That some think are gods, or they have selective political ties. And they think nobody knows. If You have Google, yahoo, Bing.

They know everything. And everything you say, or talk about where there is a micro phone you have 1, 2, 3, party applications. Indexing your every word you and any voice, sound, or radio waves being picked up in a room. Voice Indexing will change the world, as we know it.

What 99% of the intent users don’t know. The United States has reached a point where we don’t know the truth about anything, anyone, and our divide is widening. When we look back at history during Eliot Ness When we look back in time. We can see things have gotten worse. Look at Chicago today! Denver Colorado is headed in that direction, and very fast. Look at the people
who moved into Denver, compared to who is moving out of Denver
Some are staying in Denver, just moving to other up and coming cities, and counties in Colorado.

However, the frontrunner 2018, Frontrunners by conversations are about Marcus Giavanni, Cary Kennedy, and No Republican Front Runner as of Today. The Republicans feel they got burned by Candidate, and 2017 Front Runner for Governor George Brauchler. "Republican" George Brauchler quit the Governor’s race.

When "Republican Candidate Tom Tancredo" announced his candidacy for Governor 2018. And We saw "Democratic Candidate Lt. Governor Donna Lynne" threw, her hat into the ring. With a quick side endorsement from "John Hickenlooper", Governor.

Colorado also saw another hat get tossed into the race. Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is running for Governor of Colorado 2018. There are way too many candidates in this 2018 midterm elections, where, in Colorado!

The Primaries are going to clean up the field. But. There is an Integrity, Credibility, and Wisdom problem with the GOP in Colorado. Will someone please tell them! As for the Democratic Party Millenia’s who felt the Bern of Bernie Sanders, are finding out Senator Bernie Sanders has destroyed his own Integrity. Integrity is something nobody can take from you. Period. Credibility, Relevance, and Wisdom is Everything in 2018 in the City and County of Denver, Colorado, and the rest of the world.

You either can do what you say, or you can’t. You have either done what you have said, or you have not. Now in the real world this, is a very broad assumption., Let's, slow down a bit. And look at Yahoo.

If Yahoo, allowed fake, bias, irrelevant, content to rank in its top search results. How long do you think Yahoo’s credibility, relevance would rank, and stay in business producing negative, hateful, kill, and destroy content? To resist the truth and goodwill of all men and women. Yahoo would just be another tabloid style rag browser. When in fact, they are working hard like Google to keep verified relevant positive accurate news. And not the Fake News, Bias News, Misleading News. Or Unreported News. That does not have a political or social spin. To either help their causes. And destroy another’s cause, career, company, family, and property. At All Costs was so 2017.


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