Monchele Story Season 1 episode 1





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Uploaded on Jul 29, 2011

lea- hey cory what you doing?
cory- nothing what about you?
l- what does it look like? haha nothing
c- oh i was wondering if you wanted to see a movie tonite?
l- um i dont know...let me check *walks into another room and calls theo*
theo- hello?
l- hey its lea, were not doing anything tonight right?
t- no i have a show
l- oh okay i was just wondering i forgot if it was tonight or this week at all...cause i really need to talk to you, but to your face
t- okay how about tomorrow, after you shoot?
l- sure sounds perfect, bye *hangs up, and goes back to cory*
c- so we on for tonight?
l- yea
c- great come over around 7
l- what about john?
c- my roommate? he's going out tonight, we have the house to ourselfs
l- okay great
*lea pov*
i know cheating on theo is wrong, but how can i not when cory is the whole package.
-we work together
-he loves me for who i am (theo just does cause im famous)
-he knows me better than anyone in the world
-he understands me, when i have problems
-and he knows how to make me happy.
the reason i agreed to seeing theo tomorrow is so i can break up with him, im gonna tell him what ive been doing for the last 2 years. well almost three, this saturday (today is tuesday) will be me and corys 3 year annerversery. i really am surprised that cory never cheated on me, because he knew that i was cheating on theo. i hope i didnt just jinks that...
*corys pov* *that night at 7*
-knock on door-
c- coming! *opens the door* hey babe *kisses her*
l- *kisses back* hey
c- so when are you gonna break up with theo? you said before our 3 year annerversery
l- yeah i know im going to tomorrow that what i was on the phone for
c-ohh okay, im glad that we can finally go public
l-can we wait before we say were dating? i mean other than theo and the rest of the cast already knows, but i mean to the paparoziy?
c- what ever you want dont worry *looks at her*
l- what?
c-i really love you lea
l- i love you too
c- what movie?
l- i dont care, pick one
c- rango?
l- isnt that a kid movie?
c- i dont know ive never seen it
*halfway threw the movie lea fell alseep*
c- well i guess she is tierd *picks her up and brings her to his bed, lays her down, and lays next to her, and puts arms around her*

*the next morning*

l-*wakes up, realizes where she is*
c-hey your up
l- oh no why am i here?
c- you fell asleep i didnt want to wake you up, dont worry i was going to wake you up so you could change to go on set.

*leas outfit: https://s3.amazonaws.com/luuux-origin... *

*they go to set*

naya- hey you love birds
n-you gonna ever break up wit theo?
l-today i will
n-i wouldnt want to keep my boyfriend hiding like cory
l-ohh okayy
n-oh you tought i liked him? dont worry i dont haha trust me
l-haha yea i thought you were gonna say you wanted to have me hook you up together
n- no i have my eye on someone else
l-really? who?
n-oh no one dont worry i gotta go, bye lea
n-*she leaves*
l-*is on set and gets a phone call* *looks at her phone and sees its leo, her dad, ignores the phone call*
c-hey who was that?
l-my dad
c-why didnt you answer it, i thought you said you were close with your dad
l-i lied, he left me, so did my mom, when i was 6 they left, i had to live in the streets
c-im so sorry
l-no its not something to be sorry for
c- why did they leave?
l-liars, they said that they had to leave because they had 'money' problems
c-like what?
l-can we sit first? ill tell you but can we sit?
c-yeah thats fine, you wanna go in your dressing room?
l-that would be great
*they go to leas dressing room and sit on her couch*
c-so tell me what you want
l-okay you asked for this, i was 6 and i was a different child, they said i was hard to handle alot, and i thought all kids were like that? but i guess i was wrong they said when they left they would be back, but they never did. i went to school i was only in 1st grade and my teacher asked were my parents were, i told her they left me in the streets. i told her it was for the best, because thats what they said, i never thought i would have to go to a foster home, but i only went for about 2 weeks, my teacher signed a release form and i lived with her till i was 18 i moved out, got a few acting jobs earned some money and bought an apartment. for the past 3 months my mom and dad have been calling me. i was told by the social worker that they couldnt contact me until i was at least 21 they started to call me i answered one time when they first called...i didnt know the number. i answered
*the phone call*
leo-lea? is that you?
lea-um yeah im lea who is this?
piper-lea its your mom and dad
leo- we want to ta---
lea-*hangs up*
*end of call*



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