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Published on Aug 13, 2012

Haven't uploaded anything in a while, so... why not. Here's a pseudo speed run of Battletoads for the NES, played with warps and without savestates (well, unless you count saving at the beginning of Ragnarok's Canyon for quick restarting).

Turbo Tunnel and Clinger-Winger are two levels that become noticeably easier once you play the stuffing out of them and memorize the tracks. You still need some good reflexes, but at least the level won't be able to surprise you the way it used to.

Surf City's a real wild card when it comes to the mines at the end. Sometimes they spawn in an easy to avoid pattern and other times they seem to home in on you. Stay alert on this part and hope you don't get a nasty layout. Also, Big Blag. Poor guy never stood a chance.

Intruder Excluder was a killer, and I restarted due to this level more than any other. One misstep and it's straight into a pit, and trust me, you don't want to lose the stick if you plan on going through this level quickly. If you have the stick, suddenly everything that isn't made of electricity becomes vulnerable. Go ahead, headbutt the goo, fans, gas generators and gas clouds (you heard me) without fear!

Terra Tubes was another scary level, and I almost didn't make it through this run. My biggest concern is always the orange fish, or the "bitchfish" as you may have heard while watching a certain 4-player race. He just has a real knack of shooting you off into spikes. The sharks aren't too bad once you know the correct way to swim through the level quickly. Oh, and those rubber duckies... *shudder*

Rat Race has that infamous glitch that allows you to complete the level far sooner than you should. Once the rat's falling, headbutt him once, then charge him and boot him off the screen. I wait for the rat to reach the first bomb before turning him around and executing the glitch as it eliminates any guesswork involved on his position. The shortcut is by no means automatic if you get him into position, though, and I had to restart once thanks to me trying to kick him too soon. Incidentally, did you know that rat has a name? It's Scuzz.

Revolution isn't too bad compared to Intruder Excluder and Terra Tubes as far as dying goes, but it's such a long level, and there are so many opportunities for you to screw up thanks to carelessness, especially during the sections where the platforms rotate around the tower. I even had to restart once thanks to the gold cloud blowing me off at the very. Last. Effin. PLATFORM.

As for the Dark Queen, just attack, attack, attack! You can hit her a few times while she's airborne with a headbutt or a jump attack, though your timing needs to be spot-on. Risky, but it can truncate the fight if you can pull it off.

So, there you have it. About five hours of restarts involved, and many a frustrating death. Thank Celestia that it's finally over.

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