Part 9 Richard Gage's Blueprint for Truth Rebuttal (Not Debunked): Iron Microspheres in WTC Dust





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Uploaded on Jul 7, 2011

Part 9 of the Respectful Rebuttal (Not debunked) of Richard Gage's 9/11 Blueprint for Truth: Millions of Iron-Rich Microspheres were found in the World Trade Center dust, according to an RJ Lee dust study of the Deutsche Bank. Gage says only superheated explosions or thermites could explain them. I say it could be welders' torches, fly ash, or even the 1800-degree fires on 9/11. Watch this video and decide for yourself.

This just in: Rich Lee, coauthor of the RJ Lee Report that mentions iron-rich micropsheres, clairified their report in February 2012 in a personal letter, saying "What about the iron microspheres? The iron has a thin layer of rust flakes that can be easily removed by sticky tape. The iron is heated red hot or hotter and subjected to hurricane force blast furnace like wind. The iron flakes are liberated as small particles and some iron is vaporized. Like drops of water, the iron flakes form molten spheres that solidify and the fume also condenses into spheres, the most efficient geometrical form. Incidentally, iron is not the only material that formed spheres during the event. Some building material is made of minerals containing aluminum and silicon and alumino‐silicate spheres were also observed in the dust.

The formation of iron and other type spheres at temperatures obtainable by the combustion of petroleum or coal based fuels is not a new or unique process. These spheres are the same as iron and alumino‐silicate spheres in the well‐studied fly ash formed from contaminants in coal as it is burned in furnaces.
Rich Lee"

Additionally... In this video, my example of an iron-rich mirosphere in Tolk fly ash does not show an aluminum spike in the spectograph, which has been used by my opponents to claim that it is not like the iron-rich spheres found at WTC as evidence of thermite. First of all, every iron-rich sphere is different depending on what else is around it when it is created. Here is a link to another iron-rich microsphere in fly ash with an aluminum spike in the spectograph:
from an article called "Fly ash characterization by SEM--EDS."
From the abstract: "All of the fly ash samples were comprised mainly of amorphous alumino-silicate spheres and a smaller amount of iron-rich spheres. The majority of the iron-rich spheres had two components: iron oxide and amorphous alumino-silicate. Both materials were apparent on the particle surface, and cross-sections clearly showed that the iron oxide and alumino-silicate were mixed throughout the fly ash particles." Here is a link to this article:
It also says in Wikipedia that fly ash can easily contain 5-35% aluminum/aluminum oxide.

Here's a link to an article about iron-rich microspheres (which also have aluminum in them) that were created in a regular incinerator at temperatures under 1800 degrees F. No steel-melting temperatures required!

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