House Of Anubis Season 3 Finale.





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Published on Nov 15, 2012

Alfie looked at Sibuna. They saw Vera. "VERA!" Patricia yelled, stupidly. She slapped her hand over her hand over her mouth. Vera and KT turned around quickly. Vera And KT grabbed a hold of Nina and ran. Surprisingly, Nina ran with them, as they ran towards the exit. They chased after them. Every step they took, they wanted to get even closer towards them, but they lagged. Mara stopped. Jerome looked at her. "GO!" She yelled. Jerome nodded and tan. Mara pulled her phone out.

They chased them into the woods. They chased them right next to a huge, lake. Fabian recognized the lake.
Lake Madgerain, a very deep lake. The current is very fast, one kid died whilst jumping in. They pasued. Fabian fixated his gaze on Nina. She wasn't looking at him. She had torn clothes on. Small shorts, and a small shirt that exposed her belly button. Her face wasn't showing, her hair was in her face.
"Let her go," said Eddie. Joy extracted a knife from the back of Jerome's pocket. "Have you forgotten who I am?" Asked Vera, smiling evily.
"No, but have you forgotten who Nina is?" Asked Joy.
"Course not, she's the choosen one," said KT.
"And she has powers," said Patricia.
"Does she know how to use them?" Asked Vera.
"Do you know what were capable of? I can just push her in this lake, or skin her alive." Said Vera.
"Nina, listen to me. I know you can do this. Use what God gave you! Use your powers!!" Said Fabian. Nina looked up at him. Nina easiest her hand, and clenched it in a fist.
"See, she has nothing!" Said KT.
"Really?" Asked Fabian. He held up Nina's locket. She looked up at it. She smiled. Nina began to glow. She grabbed Vera's arm, in a tight grasp. Vera groaned and fell to the ground. KT gasped and ran in the opposite direction. Vera laid on the ground. Gasping for air.
Nina fell to the ground. Fabian ran over. Vera stayed on the ground. Sibuna ran over to keep her on the ground. Just as police cars pulled up, ambulances, and firefighters. They held their guns up.


Nina sat on the hospital bed alseep. Fabian and Patricia sat I'm the room.
"We saved her," said Patricia.
"She's back," he said.
They smiled. Nina stirred. She had ivys in her arms, and a blood pressure cup on Her left arm. Patricia grunted and stood up.
"I'm going back to the house," she said. Fabian miles, and nodded, as Patricia waked out.
He glared at Nina.
"Thank you," he said. He stood up, and kissed her forehead. Nina smiled in Sleep. ***** 2 years later
"And May I present the graduating class of 2016!" Yelled Mr. Sweet. They cheered. And threw their caps in the air. Nina cheered and hugged Fabian tightly.
"I think this story is wrapping up quite nicely," she said.
"Of course! I am going to USC, and your going to UCLA" said Fabian.
They smiled.
"GROUP HUG!" Yelled Alfie. They laughed. The house had a huge group hug.
See, when solving mysterios, you make friends, enimes, and crushes. After all the pain and suffering, they had finally rested. Robert Frobisher-Smythe Is resting in peace, all the mysteries are solved, and everything was great. Nina hadn't needed to use the locket for 2 years. All was well.


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