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Pencil Drawing Shading

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Uploaded on Nov 30, 2007

I'm sorry if this video doesn't help you any... I'm not sure how else to explain this. I just do it.... If you're looking for some help then perhaps seek an actual art teacher as I am not. I've never taken art classes and don't know how else to explain what I do. If you can't gather the technique I use from the video or through the written lay out below then I'm sorry I cannot help you.

Step 1: Materials
- Get a decent piece of drawing paper and a pencil. Use whatever suits you. I personally just use mechanical pencils. Be sure to have a decent big eraser, a small eraser for details, a blending tool (in my case tissue paper rolled up), and something to wipe away the shavings. I use a make-up brush.

Step 2: Sketch
- Find a good reference. I generally use photos by Dominica Nawrot from DeviantArt. If you use any of her work, please ask her for permission and give her credit for her wonderful photos!
- I will start by isolating the area I'd like to draw. In this case, it was a photo of a horse trotting but I only wanted the head and neck so I cropped it and placed it on my computer screen. I enlarged it to see some details. It will become slightly distorted so I will compensate the best I can. Once I have my reference set, I'll start sketching. - I have no standard technique for sketching. I will just look at the reference and draw it so it's naturally freehand. You, however, can do the sketch whatever way you feel comfortable with it. - It may take several times for you to get the proportions right so just draw and sketch it until you feel comfortable with the line art. I erase a LOT!

Step 3: Shading
- I generally start shading the eye. Again, I just look off the reference and just do it. I start with the mid tones by laying down a medium layer of graphite. Then I'll take the rolled up piece of tissue and blend it in small circles. - After I've blended it, I'll add in the shadows by applying considerable pressure to make the tone dark. As I work the shadow, I will lighten the pressure and help fade the shadow. Then I'll blend and work the shadow until I get the right tone.
- For highlight, I just go in with a sharp (pencil top eraser) and erase the light areas that are shown on the reference. Then I'll blend and rework until I get the tones right.

Step 4: Main Shading
- Same concept for the rest of the subject. I'll lay down a layer of graphite. Depending on the tone of the subject will determine how much pressure I'll apply to the mid tone layer. Dark = Hard pressure...Light = Light pressure.
- After the layer is down I will blend. Again, small circles.
- Add the shadows, blend and repeat.
- Eraser the highlights, blend and repeat.

Step 5: Mane
- Same for the mane...mid tones blend, shadows blend, erase the highlights and blend.

Sorry if I'm not able to teach anyone anything, I'm not exactly sure what else to say, lol! I just draw...nothing really else to it.

Ok, so here it is. I've slaved over this off and on for a week...not the drawing, just this editing.XD Movie Maker and I don't like each other very much. They're are several bugs and for that I apologize but please try to bear in mind that this is my first attempt with movie editing. I suppose if I had more practice it would be better.

I'm not a professional but a few of my viewers on DeviantArt, http://elvandia.deviantart.com , have requested a video tutorial from me.

For more information and commission info check www.tanyamcfarland.weebly.com

Media: Pencil
Real Time: Little under 2 hours
Size: 9"x12" Bristol Board
Reference: http://goodbye-kitty975.deviantart.co...
Music By: Dashboard Confessional

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