Cortometraje Blanca / short film Blanca

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Publicado el 30 abr. 2008

Cortometraje Blanca; trabajo realizado para la asignatura realización audiovisual de 3º de CAV de la URJC.
Versión del cortometraje Compañía de Alex Hernandez
(short film Blanca, Madrid, Spain)
OBRA REGISTRADA EN CREATIVES COMMONS. Todos los derechos reservados.

VOICE IN OFF: For already an alive(vivacious) time alone.
VOICE IN OFF: do not be if I will go months like that, weeks, or probably only days; but since they threw(added) me of house, the things have not returned to be equal.
VOICE IN OFF: To live alone is a nuisance, the whole day of here for there non-stop(steadily) never. You have to make everything alone.

VOICE IN OFF: I like the cars, it is an interest that I have from small. I pass the dead hours looking at them.
VOICE IN OFF: Other days I pass the day playing. To play can turn out to be very enterteining, but it is not so much if you make it alone. Also I am in the habit of stopping to think and it(he,she) is when I realize everything what I have done during the day. Today, for example, I have had a day of dogs. I have not stopped in the whole morning.
VOICE IN OFF: Nothing any more to get up I have gone for anything of food.
VOICE IN OFF: The waits become endless.

VOICE IN OFF: So much bustle does that it(he,she) ends so tired(tiring) that I remain slept in any part(report).

VOICE IN OFF: Taking this life, ultimately I end up by eating any thing. At least as(like) something.
VOICE IN OFF: Nonetheless(Though), I try to extract forces and go out to run awhile.
VOICE IN OFF: While I run I like to observe what surrounds me.
The people take very complicated lives. They are strange. A few times we are so similar and so different others...
I see them since(as,like) they join in groups, run for the streets in herds, other times join in pairs(couples) ... and others go alone, since(as,like) me. VOICE IN OFF: I like to happen(pass) for his(her,your) portal; already I her(it) have seen other times VOICE IN OFF: In the nights, sometimes, cold step and it is necessary to to be there well inside. Probably she also would like that I was doing company to her

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    • The Notebook (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    • Aaron Zigman
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