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Published on Sep 10, 2012

*runaway with my heart* ♥
"It was like I woke up when she came in...she was the last person to screen-test, and I was so bored of it by then that I was mucking about—I'd been pretending I was Tom Hanks or Seth Rogen. And then she came in, and it was like diving into white-water rapids and having no desire to hang on to the side. Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting. I couldn't help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her, and not let her get away.[Laughs] Like an animal preying on a smaller animal,but a wily smaller animal." ♥ :'')

"To him, she's Em. To her, he's Garfy. During an interview at the Crosby Street hotel, Garfield and Stone are by turns giggly, focused and affectionate. She's irresistibly outgoing and pulsates with energy. He's a little more circumspect and restrained, but can't sit still and keeps announcing how "hyper" he feels. You sense why they connected, both as actors and as individuals"
-USATODAY on interviewing Stonefield ♥

"I met her first at the screen test and i was like,'oh, man, if i have to spend six years of my life....I hope it's with this person!!!" ♥

"-And I went in and I read with Andrew..pretty intense camera test..

"Andrew can you come up here?"

"Nothing!!" (About Andrew's imperfection)

"She's..she's what she seems like..incredibly sweet, funny, down to earth, genuine....It's the most,you know, honorable quality that I,that,you know,the one quality that I love..and she has that..in buckets!!!"

"You were supposed to be with me right now!! I've been waiting for 2 minutes for you!!" :P

"That makes no sense!!"

"..its her first love..They experience so much together and he teaches her so much, and they teach each other so much.And it made sense!!Once I read with him,once I met him..it just made sense!!" ♥ Thats loveeee :'')

"...its incredibly inspiring to work with someone like that!!"

"Finding that balance between Peter and Gwen,I mean...THAT first love-" aww the way he looks at her..:')

"She's,she is so present and fun and just pure joy to be around!!"

"He is incredible..he's unbelievable.."

"She's the sun and she's got such depth,she can do anything...she's magic!" ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you a milllion times WIRWENxx for sending me this file..:') ♥ You're the BEST!!!

So this is my third Stonefield vid..I love them so much!! They are my second rOTP (after Nian)..they are just magic ;) ♥
And I'm still sick..so forgive the sloppiness..:)
And again..thank you so much WIRWEN!!! I own you!!!! :D
Song: The Calling - Wherever You Will Go (Boyce Avenue cover)

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