Bad Company 2's hitboxes and how to fix them





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Uploaded on Apr 16, 2010

Apparently doesn't work anymore, it was fun while it lasted.

UPDATE #3 Yay, patch delayed. It'll be out soon enough.

UPDATE #2 DICE is reverting the hitbox change they made last patch breaking the knife in the new May 10th-12th patch coming here. This should work again.

UPDATE #1 This newest patch broke hitboxes even more.. I think it broke hitboxes completely. This probably might not even work anymore. I have to shoot behind enemies again. The knife doesn't work and DICE is apparently aware of it. I doubt this fix actually fixes it now until DICE gets off their ass and does it themself. This new patch added some nice features but really fucked the game up for a lot of people. It's working fine for myself but most people are complaining of lag and issues now.

As for the old description..:

Are you tired of shooting people in Bad Company 2 but they don't take any damage? So was I.

This only has a really noticeable effect if you have a faster internet connection and regularly see below 100 server pings in the list.

Basically, add these two lines;

SettingsManager.floatSet GSDefaultLatencyCompensation 0.0450000
SettingsManager.U32Set GSInterpolationTime 45

to your gamesettings.ini and settings.ini file in the BFBC2 folder.
In gamesettings.ini, add them between the lines;


In settings.ini, just add it to the end of the list. Save both files.

BEFORE YOU TRY THIS, change the value to your general server ping. For me, when I refresh the list, most servers are 31-45 ping. So, I change the values to .045 and 45 for 45 ping.

Say most of your servers are 73 ping, you'll want to change the values at the end of the previously stated changes to .073 and 73 respectively.

EDIT: Setting it slightly below the server ping makes the hitboxes even more accurate. Setting it much lower makes them in front of the target. Experiment with it however you want.

Apparently the battlefield series tries to compensate for an average of 100ms ping by default and so the hitboxes appear to "lag behind" the actual player model you're seeing in game. This fix changes it so that the models are where the hitboxes actually are by adjusting to your average ping instead.

The reason I had captions for serverlist ping and in-game ping value is because I tried with both options. You can see that the serverlist ping was the right one to choose for the value edit and caused the hitboxes to be entirely more accurate, while the in-game value arguably made them even worse.

Ideally you want the value you change it to the match the server ping of whatever server you're joining. That's why I said take an average if you play across multiple servers of varied pings

To unintelligent people asking WHY NORMAL N THEN HARDCORE?!????

It doesn't matter what settings the server is on. PEOPLE WILL GET ONE SHOT AT THAT RANGE.

Both servers were 45 ping, ~120 latency.


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