The Devil, Demons, Paganism & Witchcraft ? What's the fuss !





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Published on Jul 31, 2012

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I never understood why so much of the modern pagan community has such as aversion to Lucifer read Chumbly,Cochrane or even Paul Huson  they are all proud Luciferians who see him as the Witch master . You hear the same thing parroted over and over " witches don't believe in the devil" but no one cares expand on it. to  I work with him and as well as Belial .
Katz Rodriguez
I don't believe in Satan but i do believe in bad energy, bad spirits and deities that have a really bad side.. I see everyone painting a picture that deities are all pretty and light ...please! OCHUN HAS A VERY NASTY SIDE and PaPa Legba is no joke.. and if you conjure up stuff you don't understand or know about that could be considered evil-devil etc Good Video Love!
Nemeton of the Corvus Bruxo Luggenikos
This video is so good and the topic is treated excellently. I'm also so tired of the "don't even mention the Devil, it's unpagan of you!". I mean, "unpagan" according to which age of humanity? Yes, if I'm reconstructing an Iron Age belief system, of course, the Devil has no place in it, but what about later beliefs, systems, practices? In post-Medieval times, "the Devil" is a label applied to a huge number of folk creatures of fairy or spiritual nature that just didn't fit the figure of Lucifer/Satan as a biblical figure. Even though, people forget or is unaware that the figure of Lucifer comes from pre-Christian mythology, and equivalent to that of the Greek Phosphorus. I'm a really late starter in Traditional Witchcraft (and especially, Hedge Witchcraft). I'm Spanish and also of Celtic-Iberian beliefs, Witchcraft for me is more a spiritual practice rather than my belief practice of worship, that's why I plan to work with local genies and spirits in order to get in more touch with the land where all my Pagan beliefs come from. In the fairy folklore of my country, many figures are equated with the Devil. Even the most prominent figure of Basque Witchcraft, even if believed to be an old goat deity called "Akerbeltz" (meaning "Black He-Goat"), there's no evidence of his presence in pre-Christian times (it's just a theory) and his only references are in late Witchcraft mentions, where "Akerbeltz" is considered to be a local name for the Devil in Basque lands. One of the main figures I have an interest in is called "El Busgosu", and it's a Medieval satyr-like creature that protects the forests. He was seen as a devilish apparition. My reconstructionist feeling doesn't limit to the Iron Age belief system, I also have it in my magical (witchcraft) practices, and if I'm trying to follow the manners, forms and aesthetic of European Medieval and post-Medieval witches, especially from those of Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) and Basque roots, where and when the Devil was a prominent figure, even when referred to genies, fairies, creatures and monsters, who the hell am I to reject the figure of the Devil and assume it was something older or something exclusively Christian? It would be extra-incoherent of me to do such thing, therefore, my Witchcraft practice will have "the Devil" in it, it doesn't mean I'm less of a Pagan, or that my daily worship isn't focused on the Iron Age deities I am devoted to as the pantheon I chose to worship and give my loyalty to.... it means I will use the title my predecessors used for the spiritual forces they bargained a pact with for their magical powers and as source of gratification and opposition to the Catholic moral and legal oppression, regardless of being the biblical figure or a completely different mythological figure of the local place. I really, really enjoyed this video because it's so true and so well-explained that I don't know, I just felt good while listening to you and your reasoning. Keep the good work. By the way, I just subscribed.
Michael Hyson
You did an excellent job with your references. Check out these- (1) The black Pallet (2) The Black Book of Magic (3) Pacts with the Devil (4) Grand Grimiore (5) The Complete Grimiore of Pope Honorius (6) Grimorium Verum (7) The Book of Sacred magic of Abramalen the Mage. I believe they will enlighten you from a Satanic View Point. I have others you may like as well. Feel free to follow me on facebook at Michael Hyson Son of Abaddon.
tarnya haliti
I can understand the difficulty in separating darkness from evil - its been drummed in the psyche for so long. However, I do not believe in the Christian concept of Saten/ Devil. Lucifer the light bringer to me is equatable to angel Michael and even Jesus. He illuminates or sheds light on the hidden aspect or the dark aspect we wish bury.
Satan as in the classic satanic figure and apposing force to God is not believed in because he is created by ancient Christians converting people from other religions much older then theirs. I fined what you say fascinating but a little accusatory. No one views anything in the same light. Keep an open mined and Blessed Be.
John Kennedy
Here's a thought.  If you are Christian, you are a Pagan.  Worshiping Jesus is the same as worshiping the SUN, as he is the sun in this personification.  What's funny is most Christians not only don't acknowledge this, but choose not to believe it.
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Dark doesn't neccessarily mean evil. I think you can find goodness in darkness without being unethical or evil. People should try understanding & learning from it instead of fearing & labeling something without studying it. Sometimes darkness can teach you lessons & responsibilty, not hinder or harm you. As long as you go about it in the right way.
Love this! Love this! Love this! And I see Baphomet as a great image of ALL of EVERYTHING (God Herself). And to me isn't balance what Wicca is all about? Following the middle or crooked path? Destruction and creation? I couldn't be MORE on the same page as you are. I would do a Video Response but I don't know what more I could add. :) 
Katz Rodriguez
My kids took me to see sinners, a movie here in the US. It was made about a Pagan deity that ate children.... I have only been studying paganism for the last year...and i only worship the Orishas.. After watching i was a bit offended.. It could be very easy for someone to consider that deity as Satan ..
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