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Streamed live on Nov 16, 2012

UPDATE: 12/21/2012 2:12pm PST --- ***You are currently watching previously recorded footage of #HuskyCam, which has come to an end***
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FULL FAQ HERE with LOTS of extra information about this livecam and the pups: http://www.thepetcollective.tv/huskycam/

#HuskyCam Mini FAQ
(The FULL FAQ at the link above has a ton more Q and A)

Q: How old are the puppies?
A: The puppies were born on October 23, 2012

Q: What are the puppies' names?
A: They don't have names yet, since their forever parents will give them names when they go to their forever homes. But it isn't uncommon for viewers to agree on names in the live chat on the feed. We're happy to suggest names to any future owners.

Q: What are their genders?
A: There are four girls and one boy (wearing the blue collar).

Q: What if I'm interested in adding one of these Husky puppies to my family?
A: Please contact the owners via the website and tell them you found them on The Pet Collective: http://www.tmsiberians.webs.com/

Q: Is there a vet to keep an eye on the puppies?
A: Absolutely. The puppies are under the constant supervision of trained professionals. We do not recommend that others support a litter of newborn pups without proper training, access to a qualified veterinarian, experienced professional guidance, and veterinary knowledge.

Q: Why does mom disappear sometimes?
A: (mom) has a doggie door that allows her to step away from her pups when she needs some "me" time. She is also exercised regularly and goes for walks. Her food and water dish are currently off camera but easily accessible for her.

Q: Why does mom seem to lick the puppies' genital area?
A: At this age, puppies cannot control their bowel systems. Mom has to prompt them by licking and applying pressure to them to insure the puppies evacuate properly.

Q: Why don't the puppies move? Are they okay?
A: Puppies spend A LOT of time eating and sleeping for the first few weeks. Around 4 weeks old, they will start to develop and learn how to use their little legs. We will post some fun timelapses of the pups from time to time to show you what a full day looks like for puppies. You can see cycles of nap, play, eat, nap, play, eat. In the early days, you will see more napping, giving away to more playing and eating (and pooping) as they get older.

Q: When do they start to eat regular dog food?
A: The puppies will begin to wean off of their mother around 3 weeks old.

Q: I see flies, is this place dirty?
A: The environment is clean and sanitary. We wish you luck in raising your own litter of puppies and not attracting a few flies. Most animal professionals will tell you the same.

Q: The #HuskyCam is not working, what's up with that?
A: Notice that there aren't any other 24/7 livestreams on YouTube. Extended widespread livestreaming on YouTube is a new feature on YouTube in 2012, so this is still new technology for the platform. This is our 5th livecam now (woohoo!), and The Pet Collective is a professional team with 24 hour support for the feed. But technical glitches do pop up with 24 hour streaming, and we strive to keep any technical interruptions to under 30 minutes. Your patience is appreciated.

Q: Why can't I watch this livestream on my mobile device (Ex. iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, Tablet)?
A: You can, but it varies by device and platform...here's some help:

iPhone: #HuskyCam is available in the Safari browser on iPhone at the mobile version of the YouTube site at this link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?client=mv-...
You should be able to use the shortcut too at any time in a mobile browser like Safari or Chome: http://www.huskycam.us

A: Can't get enough HUSKIES? Join the chat on twitter using #huskycam, and check out more fun twitter activity @petcollectivetv.

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