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Published on Jul 4, 2011

Director's Commentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mB36tp...

Note: Since I know somebody will mistake this for beats0me's stuff, I'll let you know this is only a fan homage. Though, beats0me did help develop the skits from 7:22 onward (not counting the stinger).

Note 2: I am aware of the dropped frame at 2:13, and there doesn't look like an easy way to fix it. It doesn't show up in the editor and renders seem to randomly keep the frame or drop it, and since rendering takes two hours and uploading takes another two, it just wouldn't be worth fixing. (The same can be said about the misspelling in the Resurrection Butterfly text.)

Note 3: I am aware Youmu eats the smaller Pocky in the M1 Grand Prix skit, but I had originally planned to recreate the ENTIRE M1 skit, only with one change: when Youmu asks to stick to the smaller pocky, Yuyuko rejects it and menacingly says, "That's what we're building up to!" Of course, this bumped up the runtime WAAAAY past twenty minutes. I may show the full version in a future sketch.

Well, folks, this is it: my first Walfas-related video, clocking in at a whopping fifteen minutes long. Although this is mostly inspired by beats0me (who I must credit for inspiring this thing and... well... other things...), all of the skits here seem to run the gambit from blunt a-caveman-can-get-it jokes to obscure Touhou in-jokes. What's even crazier is I must have cut at least fifteen more minutes worth of sketches to cut it down to a digestible size.

The animation style is nothing like you've seen before, but not that it's a good thing (or a bad thing if you like it). Where most people do frame-by-frame videos and some better Walfas create.swf users do animation (and this video features both at some points), I do what I call "Walfas Puppetry"; the act of binding keys to synch mouth/eye movements and then use them to move the characters.

Also, I'm not using text boxes; I'm going for original voice acting, which I find easier (and more fun) than positioning text boxes all day. (I already spend enough time doing that with annotations, but at least I can change those.)

When I do another episode, it won't be in the style of beats0me's typical credits. Plus, I'm wanting to shoot for more original content than just "Yuyuko's Recipe For Instant Comedy Gold" (see the episode to find out what it is). Also, I'm planning to do another full character related episode eventually (most likely revolving around Chen since I have a few ideas already), but I need time to recharge my batteries (and next time, it'll be more polished).

And, of course, the sound clips in this video are short low-quality snippets used for non-profit purposes. All copyrights belong to their respective owners and usage of these short and low-quality snippets are (theoretically) protected by Fair Use. (And besides, don't you think it's kind of asinine if one video gets blocked for an eight-second clip of a song while somebody else posts the whole song in CD quality and gets completely ignored?)

And if you really want to know, my Walfas DNA is 3.39:Spaz:100:225:134:216:209:2:0:0:0:136:0:42250D, which is based on an actual outfit of mine. Just be wary about using him this early, because he's barely had one line.


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