(Rebellion Love) Episode 2





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Uploaded on Apr 11, 2008

??#2: calm down Joe nick and I are coming

Joe: but Kevin... I want it now*he sounds like a 6 year- old*

I stop my eating, and I am just sitting there in amazement. I drop my spoon take my napkin and wipe my face to make sure I look good, my sisters did the same. Then at the same time we all look over and smile and wave.

Joe: oh look at those girls.

Nick: calm yourself Joe

Kevin: yeah, they are probably just fans wanting a few autographs

Joe: yeah...but wait they didn't run up to us or anything

Nick: well maybe...they aren't crazy fans

Joe: yes they are*points to a bag with them on it that I had by my side*

Nick: o.k. how bout we just go talk to them
The boys get their ice cream and come running over

Kevin: hello ladies
We all replied: hey

Nick: is it alright if we sit next to you guys?

Rachel: of course come on in
I saw joe shoot for a seat with myka and nick sat next to lindsey...so I guess that leaves one more stud muffin for me...Kevin...I thought he was the cutest Jonas in the world!!! He sat next to me and smiled. My first reaction was to smile back of course.

Joe: so what are your girls' names?

Rachel: well I'm Rachel

Myka: I'm myka

Lindsey: and I'm Lindsey

Kevin: well I think you guys already know our names

Rachel: well...maybe...*I scratch my ear when I get kinda embarrassed*

Nick:*looks down at my bag* I love your bag

Rachel: yeah...me too*I blush like crazy*.
We all start to giggle and talk about random things from baseball to arguing who's is the better football team(Chicago Bears or Red Sox) ....after awhile when our ice-cream was done.....it was 11:00 and Pinkberry was closing.

Nerdy manager: everybody out!!

Rachel: fine nerd

NM: just get out

Rachel: well then take that*I throw my ice cream cup at him then lick my fingers in satisfaction* hmm....that ice cream came to good use after all
I just smile and all three of the girl walk out together laughing. The boys walk up behind them.

Lindsey: so where do you guys live?

Nick: just down this street....*points to the house across the street from ours*

Myka: hey we're neighbors!!

Kevin: really?!?!

Rachel: yeah that's our house*I point to
our house*

Joe: you got the house that Justin Timberlake used to live in

All three of scream and start blabbering to each other on how cute he and his butt is!!! Then we look over to the boys who are staring at us...they looked kinda shocked

Rachel: *I clear my throat* oh yeah
Justin...yeah I've met him before...he is pretty cool

Kevin: you've met him??

Rachel: we've all met him....see our parents*I point to me and myka* are professional super models and her mom*I point to Lindsey* is their manager.... You've probably seen them on a few hundred covers of Vogue...Monique and Christen Marks

Kevin: hey...I am wearing their designer shoes *I he points to his shoes and I see the MC symbols on them*

Nick: me too*he points to his shoes*

Joe: I am wearing their socks*I look at him strangely*

Myka: ha-ha

Kevin: well here we are I guess this is goodbye for now

Rachel: what we don't get hugs goodbye?!*I give him a little puppy dog face*
Kevin: ahhh come here*he opens his arms*

and I run into them and I just hold him for a minute or two...omj he smelt so good... his cologne smelt like Hollister perfume mixed with Abercrombie after shave..Uhhh it smelt like heaven. Then I hugged Joe and nick and they smelt all the same...I loved it...it just reminds me of the axe commercial you know when the girl stripes her close off ...well that is what I wanted to do right now!!! And the same goes for Lindsey and myka they didn't want to let go.

Rachel: later

Myka: yeah bye

Lindsey:*giggles like a little girl* bye*stares at nick*

I stomp on her foot and she knocks out of it so we walk back into our house...of course our parent are gone...Off to a party I bet... And so we all walk to our separate rooms of course we don't have beds so we all went got a ton of blankets and went into one room and made a little bed and slept their

And as usual I have another dream about my
dad...my real dad before my mom went off and married this cheese ball of a husband....his name was Douglas M. Cruz... he was the best dad you could dream of and myka and I were his all...I only knew him for a little while, and myka was too young to remember... he was in the navy and supposedly killed in Iraq, all they said to us was he went "missing in action"..But yet in my dreams or should I say nightmares, he is calling my name over and over again...his body covered in blood, sweat, and dirt....some part of me feels that he is out there somewhere...

So I shot up in a cold sweat panting and raving, I got up and looked out the window then look to my right and see a door....

(Oh what's in the door)!!!!!!!!!!to be cont.


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