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Published on Sep 10, 2009

Episode 02-19-08 Part 1/3

Meanwhile, Natalia stops by Olivia's suite at the Beacon. She regrets causing Olivia to lose the heart that became available for transplant. To make up for it, Natalia offers to "give" Gus to Olivia. Natalia hopes that one day Gus will come back to her and then they can finally begin their life together. Olivia mocks Natalia's plan to loan Gus to her until she dies. Olivia plans live as long as she can. Even though Natalia agrees to leave Gus, she warns Olivia that this doesn't mean that Gus will choose Olivia.

After talking with Natalia, Olivia visits her cardiologist. During the appointment, Alan peeps into the room, telling the doctor that he's come for an appointment to check his heart. Alan wants to be healthy for his new baby. Olivia attempts to hide her face, but Alan recognizes her. Olivia pretends to be getting a referral for a friend of hers. The doctor gives them privacy to talk, and Alan asks Olivia if the name of her friend is "Olivia Spencer."

Olivia denies that she has a medical problem until Alan reads the transplant list and points out that her name is on it. He wonders why Olivia never told him. Olivia answers that she feared he would have taken Emma away. Alan thinks that's unfair. First, he would have found Olivia the best care possible-then he would have taken Emma. Olivia thanks him for his honesty. Alan notes that Olivia isn't high on the heart transplant list. She replies that things can change. She says that a lot of things have changed in her life recently. Alan says that Olivia usually talks this way when a man is somehow involved.

Olivia ignores Alan's comment and suggests that he call to get her on the top of the heart donor list. Alan says it doesn't work that way, but because of their history, he'll do anything in his power to help her. After all, he says, Olivia is Emma's mother and Emma is his grandchild, just like Sarah. Olivia insists that Emma will never be Alan's. Alan wonders who will care for Emma if Olivia dies. Olivia says that Gus will. She admits her desire to have Gus. Alan wants to talk more about this, but Olivia becomes agitated. She snaps at him, saying that she doesn't want to give up her child and she doesn't want to die before her time. Alan suggests that they talk when Olivia is calmer or comatose-whichever happens first.

Meanwhile, Natalia attempts to end her marriage with Gus, but he insists on reconciling their problems. Gus follows Natalia to a hotel where she has checked herself in. They argue about Natalia's decision to leave the marriage. Gus accuses of her of being jealous of Olivia. Gus demands to know how many times he has to tell Natalia that he wants her, not Olivia. Natalia breaks down and admits that her jealousy cost Olivia a heart.

Gus apologizes for his part in causing Natalia's jealousy. He says that the way he went about things gave Natalia reasons to be jealous. Natalia still blames herself for her actions. She thinks that she has taken Olivia's entire life away from her. She wants to give it back to Olivia, even if that means giving up Gus. Natalia urges Gus to go to Olivia. Instead, Gus kisses Natalia passionately and they wind up making love.

Later, Gus smokes in bed and plans their honeymoon. Holding Gus, Natalia explains that she gave Olivia her word that he would be there for her without Natalia's interference. Gus says that Natalia isn't obligated to Olivia. Natalia feels that they can't have a happy marriage if they know that Olivia's last days are miserable. Gus says that this is a strange request coming from his wife. Natalia says that she isn't sending Gus to Olivia for intimacy, but she wants him to make Olivia's last days easier. Natalia believes that once this is over, they can start their new life off right. They kiss again.

Gus leaves Natalia to visit Olivia at her hotel suite. He explains to her that Natalia and he are taking a break from their relationship. Olivia acts as if she's sorry to hear this. She then tells him how worried she is about Alan, who has just learned of her heart condition. Gus hugs her and assures her that Alan won't come anywhere near her or Emma.

Out in the hallway, Natalia rolls her service cart up to Olivia's door and pauses. Rafe approaches and says that he's concerned about his parents' marriage. She tells him that things are complicated, but they are handling it. Rafe says that Gus told him the same thing. He wants to know what it means. Without answering him, Natalia hustles him off to school. Natalia returns to her cart and obsessively cleans the hallway outside Olivia's room. Inside the room, Gus seems distracted as he holds Olivia.

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