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Published on Oct 19, 2009

In 2007 the BBC documentary film 'Bulgaria's Abandoned Children caused an international outcry because the images of neglect were so shocking to witness in a country that had just become a member of the European Union. Bulgaria has more institutionalised mentally and physically disabled children than anywhere else in Europe. The film is a heart-rending and eye-opening look into the life of one institution.

Eighteen months after filming it, director Kate Blewett returned to Bulgaria in 2009 to film with a handful of the children featured in the original documentary, seeing where they are today and how their lives have changed since the outcry and changes brought about by the film.

The original documentary is set in a small Bulgarian village in an institute called Mogilino, a place where 75 unwanted disabled children are growing up. Many of them cannot walk or talk, not necessarily because they are unable to, but because they have been neglected and have never had the opportunity to learn. With extraordinary access, Blewett takes us into this tragic silent world.

The second half of the film takes the audience back to Bulgaria to see how the lives of the children have been transformed beyond recognition as a result of the public response to the film. It is testimony to the power of television to bring about concrete change, and also demonstrate how even apparently hopelessly withdrawn and 'damaged' children can be reached, helped and given a meaningful life and future with the right care.

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Julie Otten
Dear filmmaker/presenter, please post how one can help these children. Provide an address where we can send food, dry goods, toys, clothing etc. There are many people who want to help but they don't know how to. Thanks
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Lisa Parker
Julie Otten I
+Julie Otten You won't either. Even if you did, the children would not get your money or gifts. Those would most likely be taken by the staff, administration and/or sold.
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the originals
her leg broke because she was malnourished.  period.  put a cast on it at least!  also, these kids don't get "better" because you don't even attempt to give them what they need in order to achieve that.  I bet more than half of those kids would be able to function somewhat normally if they were put in an environment where they were treated normally.  if I'm wrong, at least you can say you've tried.
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+the originals yes i've seen a couple videos of her from 2014 and she looks very healthy
the originals
+elsa1942 exactly!
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Vasky's screams are absolutely heartbreaking.
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Karim M
I want to cry for her.
+Dodge Heavy Duty im talking about when her leg was broken but the whole thing is sad even though the kids are doing better now
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Alpha Grace
Ruby Doomsday
Where does it hurt, Vasky? Ummm... try that place where her shin flicks out at a 170 degree angle from the rest of her leg there, Einstein.
Green eyed Monsta
DeeDee's mother is a heartless bitch who will rot in hell!
ChristinaFellinAHole .-.
Green eyed Monsta UA
I would take care of Vasky in a heartbeat...
I wish I could too... She's been through enough pain. It makes me so sad to see and hear her cry when those staff members were messing with her leg, they didn't care that they were only hurting her more, it was like I could sense her pain. Vasky was moved to a much better home (and then to another where her mom can come visit her), hope she never will hurt like that again.
Jordan Henneberry
If I had lots of money I would adopt all the children in these horrible place! I am in college to be a Community Support Work and an Education Assistance and I am completely disgusted on how these children are being treated and cared for. It breaks my heart to see them in pain and broken like this and I wish I could stop those bastards who are not taking care of them and abusing them....I hope something will be done very soon...
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Lisa Sanders
are these children avalible for adoption? if anyone has any information about this I would be grateful. thanks
kitt emiil nekola
Jordan Henneberry i will join you!
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That bitch KNEW why Vasky was in pain. She knows her leg is broken which is why she pulls up her right sock to hide the break. She pretends to ask Vasky whats wrong etc. This type of treatment is astonishing! 
Steve Brian
Her fat ass was in a hurry to go eat her big ass lunch!
They are cruel and insensitive. Every time I think about it I'm like "somebody punch out these staff members and get Vasky to a REAL doctor!" I think that scene is the hardest to watch for me, for two reasons: 1. It's like I can sense Vasky's pain 2. I don't like when people are hurt, especially when no one is helping. :(
Those fat bastards even smile. This kids are dying.
DIEGO GONZALEZ I know that fat bitch was smiling while that poor kids withering away dying suffering in pain . Wtf stupid fat hog doesn't miss on her meals does she ? Absolutely sickening , I don't know how that nice blonde lady didn't punch her in her evil face that would enrage me to see they way they act . I pray so much for these kids. Bless this dear lady trying to make a difference for them . She's an angel
+DIEGO GONZALEZ the homes director is the worst, she even said its so nice she'd love to live in it herself. see how SHE likes it when shes stuck in a crib and her arms are stick thin and she gets slop shoveled into her mouth 300 times a minute! she just doesnt give a rat about these poor kids
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