Call of Duty Black Ops 1vs1 Sniping on Nuketown





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Published on Mar 18, 2011

this kid told me that I´m a bad player so I played this 1vs1 against him.
After a few kills I realized that he´s really bad and I started not to take this too serious and I started spinning around etc. ;D
So don´t take my deaths too serious!
This is NOT tryhard mode ;)

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Anyone here in 2015?
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Tuumba Haydar
Braxr you dumb fuck last year was 2016 JK No offence
+Haser Gamer gang
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I just jizzed my pants
any one here in 2017
brawadis yes
Raneld Wesly
ps3 rocks
Zachary Soria
Yes it dose
Tesla Jnz
your really good 
RoeGi 1337
thats not even sniping thats noob quickscoping learn to snipe 
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Gasmask Dav
Becky. Are you stupid? A REAL sniper waits for his target. He could wait up to a week to kill his target. Don't talk shit about things you don't know about.
becky beheshti
+Yboc v that means u havnt seen a real sniper...uv been playing with noobs.1st of all a good sniper never sit n wait to see an opponent and the 2nd thing s this is quickscope...u know wat a person who cant kill a sniper with smg or other weapon is noob.anyway qs in black ops 1 is this way and since im a very good sniper already know how difficult it is on bo1.my gamer tag is k1zx10 and i  only use sniper....add me whoever is interested to test his skills.
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Treyarch This is a message.  I know you make millions, billions of dollars,  Take 10 minutes out of your time to update your old games on playstation 3/ xbox 360  to get rid of the people that hack/mod/ make the game worse for every1 else, the numbers are growining smaller in the older version of video games that people are playing.  But now its time to step up and fix these issues update it and actually ban people who abuse the system, it gets old after awhile getting beat by some kid that doesn't take any skill to kill any1 cause hes invisible, unlimited health, can fly or whatever.  Fix this damn issue its making tons of people quit, and your letting some virgin kid make money off your games by selling mods and cheats to people.
Barrack Bananas
Like Treyarch is totally gonna see your message.
mark conway
Wow so true sweaty loners sitting at their parents house forever trash talking about how they can do something that requires no skill. 
I wish they'd remaster bo1 and 2 for ps4
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Swaggination no ps4 has enough games that ps3 dont
Leeroy Jenkins how exactly?
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You call this sniping, i call it Quickscoping. There's a difference. When will they remove snipers from COD? Nobody even SNIPES It's all just kids Quickscoping.
Calix Backup OFW
No I snipe I stay in one area and try to shoot people it takes me a while to get the bullet to hit there head...
How can I get golden camo ??
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+Alex Verlangen in other words, a pain in the ass. Unless your 13 prestige or over, I would advise to get it.
Ok thx bro
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Niko Destroyer
Haha this douche thinks he's a sniper,let me tell you something,you're not a sniper,you're just a fucking clown with a sniper rifle,quickscoping is gay quickscoping is not sniping,let's play a real game like Bfbc 2 i shatter your silly ass and i leave you bleeding,you cant play a real game,cause you suck,this is a circus not a game,goof
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People like you are what I hate about COD.  It's a fucking video game.  Quit making it into this bullshit jock pissing contest.  You're not impressing anyone by how badass you are at COD.
Alex 1
+Niko Destroyer Then feel free to fuck off and watch something else cause you just waisted everybody's time by 30 seconds.
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