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Published on Mar 13, 2012

This video is a response to an annoying Star Wars fan-website - http://www.stardestroyer.net/Empire/

Stardestroyer.net operates on a supposed 'observation' - a comparison between an Imperator Class Star Destroyer from Star Wars, and a Galaxy Class Starship from Star Trek. The given conclusion:

"In a straight-up fight, the Empire (Star Wars) squashes the Federation (Star Trek) like a bug. Even with its numerical advantage removed, the Empire would still squash the Federation like a bug. Accept it." - Quote from Mike Wong, head Admin of Stardestroyer.net

I decided to research that myself, and this is MY observation: there is no way in hell someone rational can possibly reach that conclusion without being blind, and ignorant: no matter what calculator you use.

"About suspension of disbelief and "Canon": I believe in adhering to strict rules about how Star Wars and Star Trek should be interpreted, and those rules are based on the methods used to study real life science or history. There are those who dislike this approach, and they argue that I'm taking the fun out of it by insisting on a set of rules. But I think the opposite: I think they're taking the fun out of it, by making up the rules as they go along and in so doing, attempting to guarantee victory rather than playing a fair game. Games are not fair or fun when your opponent keeps changing the rules on you." - Quote from Mike Wong, head Admin of Stardestroyer.net.

I agree.

Question: Don't you think Star Trek vs Star Wars is an immature argument?

"Yes. Don't hold your nose in the air and sniff that I should be more mature about this, of all subjects. You may not want to admit it, but you do have an opinion on Star Wars vs Star Trek, otherwise you wouldn't have made it this far into my website. The maturity complaint normally comes from people who disagree with me but aren't man enough to come out and say that. I'd actually prefer a straight-up attack than this weaselly, sniffy "you should be more mature" bullshit. So release your anger! Strike me down with all of your hatred, and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!" - Quote from Mike Wong, head Admin of Stardestroyer.net

That's just an excuse to fling childish insults in place of argument, and you know it.

The information above is taken from the actual performance and operational behaviors of the Imperator Star Destroyer, and the Galaxy Class Starship, presented as seen in their canonical representation: no alterations have been made to the material, and only similar aspects are compared and contrasted.

The commenting on this video is under strict control. Why? Because people (mostly Star Wars fans from Stardestroyer.net or Wookiepedia: both fan-maintained websites) constantly harass the subject despite being clearly wrong and having no evidence except other fan-websites.

Unless you can provide clear, canonical references from non-wiki sources, I *WILL* dismiss any attempt to 'disprove' this video and block the poster of the comment. Any attempt to 'support' this video's observation will be corrected if exaggerated - I'm no Star Wars hater, so I'm not interested in "how far Star Wars sucks" or waging war on Star Wars (I have corrected several trekkies in relation to that already)

If you drop by just to insult me, your comment will not be posted or seen at all. (Radical Star Wars fans just LOVE to give such disparaging comments against Star Trek fans free "thumbs up". Typical.) I will not delete comments that attempt to make any argument, rational or irrational: I will reply to them - up to a point. (I have already replied to several already: read the comments) Comment voting is disabled because there are a *LOT* of Star Wars fans on the internet who click before thinking, and I'm not interested in dealing with them. (Like I said, radical Star Wars fans just LOVE to give disparaging comments against Star Trek fans free "thumbs up". I will give them no such hollow pleasure)


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