Goku Vs Superman Part 1/5





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Published on Jun 24, 2010

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Watch Goku and Superman showdown in the first epic installment. With amazing music by Scot Morgan and fantastic visuals, it is not one to be missed.


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LOL Come on guys! We all know superman is the Justin Bieber of fictional heroes. So fucking lame yet has a shitload of fans. XD
andre poirier
Whoever would say superman would win is a blind fan boy, watch roaring thunder project video Goku is much stronger is every category, he's trained with gods, in heavens and other worlds ,superman is... A farm boy lol who didn't work or train for his powers also to note Goku can travel at 4x speed of light, proven and backed by facts so g watch the video and when somebody try's to deny proof call them a idiot
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+Victor Nikolai ?
Victor Nikolai
+AlexDeGhost like a yellow sun
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what a load of shit. this just made for fan boys lol goku sucks end of story
andre poirier
Superman fans are a bunch of illiterate retards, I can just tell they have no conventional thinking pattern they just "go with the flow" you don't know dragon-ball z or you are a superhero fag, either way it pisses me off Shen people talk out there ass I know it's a meaningless topic but it's idiots like this who are ruining the usa 
what do you use to animate? and can you please give a link and a tutorial? if that's not to much that is
Gir Zap
i want to know what he use in his animation too
Walter Sicoli
Superman is faster than light, can turn himself invisible by moving his body so damn fast, his ray vision can go trough planets, he can lift 200 quintillion of tons per hand effortless (and he can lift more if he wants), he knows the position of the pressure points (which are useful in fight) he's a martial artist, he knows two kryptonian martial arts: torquasm ro and torquasm vo. He lift planets, destroy them with one punch and once he carried all the solar sistem on his back trough the space. With the infinite mass punch (which is a lightspeed punch) can melt Goku even in the ss4 mode (It's his powerful trasformation, not the God one, that is between ss3 and 4, and even in that he can only destroy a small star with his powerful attack) without even load the punch like go outer space and go towards him. He survived a hit which is accurate to be as powerful as 50 Million suns bowling up and he was not even caring about. Enough, fanboys. Accept the lose. I like Goku too, but Superman is superior and has more feats. 
SamsonTheBawse- Gaming
Walter Sicoli Bruh where exactly are you getting this information from? You really shouldn't be comparing these 2 they are from 2 different universes and by the way you info came from A LOT of different sources. Superman has a lot of different writers some writers think he's a god some think he's a pathetic hero!
Saiful Islam
Gaming god Goku is a GOD no one can beat a GOD
andre poirier
Watch roaring thunder projects video which states facts and proves Goku is 4 x faster than light and outmatches superman in every except slightly in lifting power, go watch and cry about it Goku would punch supermans head off into the next dimension ... Also would disintegrate him without using nearly a full power ki blast
Geronimo Trollz
 Goku Vs. Superman Prime (regular and original) Superman Prime thinks god Goku into billions of particles and spreads him throughout all the universes. Id call that Goku losing.
Haha Goku eats ass shit.
jaklin matta
go superman go
Władca Wymiaru
Ech. Look: Frieza take planet Namek explsion. Trunks cut this monster into pieces and burn. C18 endure slice of Trunks sword. Gohan break Z sword when he try to cut katchin cube. Goku punch a hole in Kai little planet. (10 gravity+this size=white dwarf star durability) Katchin should have neutron star+ endurance and be denser than neutronium matter.
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