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Published on Feb 24, 2013


A poem about cupcakes and scones. I do not hate cupcakes or anyone who makes or eats them. A French women once said to me: You lot are crazy. Here we eat carrot cake, it's much sexier!


Cupcakes or Scones by Hollie McNish
They queue up
Frost or snow
On Saturday nights
Long socks or stockings and jumpers and ties
Badges and rucksacks and laces and lies
Tell me why
Is the school disco our most popular club night?
In England this is a number one weekend retreat
Lines of over-eighteens dressed like sexy thirteens
Standing in school skirts as men get aroused
At the thought of these naughty girl uniformed crowds
Oi Oi girls. He shouts.
I don't get it.
I remember the warnings
Gates closed at lunch cos this pervert was stalking us and two of my friends had already been flashed
As they walked home from school.
And I'd noticed the van.
At the corner.
Up the road.
A guy at the window.
Tongue between fingers.
Whistling blows.
Signing me bj's
As I stood in my school clothes
Upping the pace.
I sprint down the road.
Scared witless.
Now thirteen years later
You want me to wear
the same uniform then to turn on grown mens' stares
The school disco club night, we come in our hoards
Get low with a school girl without breaking laws
so I can getting chatted up by some dribbling men
who like looking at me looking like I looked in year ten!
I don't get it
I'd rather dance dressed like a women.
And if I wanna look sexy, I wanna look like a women
I'd rather be chatted up as a women
And if I make perverts stare, then they can stare at a women
Cos I like being a women
I am not a little girl
And years passing by aren't the end of the world
And my life as a women is the best that it's been
And I like being me, I don't wanna be sixteen again.
Worrying about school tests and coolness and spots
I don't want to wear my school skirt or flirt in my popsocks
As I'm told everyday to obsess back to then
But I'd rather live life as a women

Still I see them
In lines
On Saturday afternoons
Sitting with friends in modern new tea rooms
The cup cake is back
This is baking's new black
Pastel shade icing
And sprinkles on stacks
The new female fad
Is Jamming up Twitter
Recipes sprinkling candies with glitter
I don't get it.
I remember the parties
The last time I ate those, I was still using potties
Grabbing at bowls of soggy chip dippers
Pineapple cheese sticks and soft chocolate fingers
And in the middle of the table, making us sick
Sweet little cupcakes with glittery bits
Now twenty years later
The cupcake is back
As women sit nibbling
Party girl snacks
And I don't really mind cupcakes, I'm just a bit tired
Of every female fad telling me I should still be a child
Wrinkle creams, anti-age, on female shops aisles
Now even our food has copied the styles
Jelly is back, cupcakes are back
And beside all Topshop tills
Are those lollipop stacks
Big bowls of bubble gum
For full grown up mummies
Next to popsocks and cherries
Why not nappies and dummies
Tell me to be younger, and girly, and sweet,
And quiet, and good and thankful for treats
I don't get it
I'd rather eat food like a women.
And if I wanna meet friends I wanna meet as a women
I'd rather drink afternoon tea as a women
Laugh and be happy and free as a women
Cos I like being a women
I'm not a little girl
And years passing by aren't the end of the world
And my life as a women has been the time of my life
And I like being me, I don't wanna be five again
With cakes held before me as bribes to be good
And fingers grabbing at soggy licked food
As I'm told everyday to obsess to back then
But I'd rather live life as a women
I don't want to wear popsocks
I'd rather have tights on
I don't want to wear school clothes
I'd rather have mine on
I don't wanna pretend, I know that that times gone
And I don't really want cupcakes,
I'd rather eat scones
Or any damn cake without fairy wings on!
And it might be a surprise
But I like being a woman
I like looking like a women
Dancing, feeling sexy or caressing as a women
I like eating like a women
Meeting friends like a women
Being treated be in peace and being pleased to be a women
And with each sleep I'm getting older
And only death will stop that
And I can go with it and live or live life looking back
And I can raise my little girl to think her meaning stops at twenty
Dreaming never never land that ticking clocks are all the enemy
And this little girly cultures kinda helping with that step
School uniform parties, cupcakes, botox, tucks and stress
Obsessed with being 'young' again as if those times were best
As if Alice stayed down that hole and never left again.
Frozen in tea party time
Madhatters, mice and children's rhymes
Never women, girls for life
Lollipops and glittered icing
For me that life is not enticing
So just in case you don't hear right I'll say it twice again
I like living life as a woman.
I'm looking forward to living life as a women


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