Segre Lecture: How Did The Universe Begin?





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Published on Nov 18, 2009

Emilio Segre Distinguished Lecture by Andrew Lange: How Did the Universe Begin?

There is strong evidence that the entire Universe sprang from sub-atomic dimensions 13.7 billion years ago in a violent event known as Inflation, but we understand almost nothing of what would have caused this to happen. Scientists around the world are now racing to find important clues in the Cosmic Microwave Background, the faint relic of the primeval fireball that filled the early Universe.


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Akim Aalling Souary
Must be wierd living in the US. You have some of the smartest people in the world, some who even go on to win Nobel prizes. At the same time you have some of the dumbest religius zealots in the world under the same roof/flag. Judging from the comments related to this video and the actual video, the US must have one of the largest devides between dumbest and the smartest people in the world.
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I can save everyone a lot of time. Go to 1:15:25
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Richard Cahill
You should block vomments on these videos, Berkely.
Semir Tuce
Is this a new religion?  
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Iim Cornell
Since LIGO has not discovered gravitational waves and since the speaker predicted that it would within five years of his talk (2009) and further said he would be "deeply embarrassed" if his prediction was inaccurate .. well, guess what.  I think Guth's inflationary theory is a Rube-Goldberg crock which was desperately grasped by theoretical physicists because without it they had NO explanation for the observed isotropy and flatness of the universe.  Even the theory makes no claim that it is a result of some known cause, the claim is simply that it COULD HAVE happened. It's BS perpetrated by those who want us to kiss their ring and kneel at the altar of their 21st century slide rules and what they see as the language of the gods -- math.  And typically, the speaker also mentions the multi-verse as if it's some sort of scientific "fact" rather than the quantum voodoo which it is. It's too bad because what he/they have achieved is impressive.  But they always seem to over-shoot on what they "knonw."
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JRB Consulting Associates Ltd
Is this about HOW THE UNIVERSE BEGAN or how it expanded...
Neil Boothe
If you want to know the fundamental truth about our past, present, future and all between, go to TruthContest♠com and read what The present says there. It will transform our world.
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Thennilapuram Mahadevan
What an awful tragedy that this astrophysicist commited suicide in January 2010: he is so sweet and happy in this programme. 
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Lou Varricchio
Dr. Andrew Lange R.I.P.
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Krumple Themal
How did the universe begin. Well I don't want to disturb you all but I created all of you when I started to exist. You all are dependent upon my existence. When I cease to exist so will you..
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