E-40 Tell Me When To Go REMIX (Featuring Kanye West, Ice Cube, The Game and Keak Da Sneak)





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Uploaded on Feb 2, 2009

Sick ass remix of the joint. NO ONE HAS THIS VERSION UP ON YOUTUBE YET!!!! It's the uncensored version too.


Produced by Lil Jon
Contains samples from "Dumb Girl" by Run-D.M.C.

[ E-40 ]
Ay man, Ay its by popular demand pimp
I need a fix man
They demandin a remix man
( a remix pimp )
Its confirmed like a Don King perm
You got ya boy E-40
You got Kanye West Man (Ice Cube!)
You Got Game!

[ Chorus }
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to gooo
Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb
Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb

[ E-40 ]

This bourbon and Carlos Rossi
Got me feelin like the man of steel
Extreme hyphy energy drink
Spinning steering wheel
Mardi gras beads around my neck
Invisible sets, pull-outs
Diamonds in my mouth
Rally stripes, muscle cars
Vans and campers
My dude got handlebars
Get out yo cameras
Put the tarp down, break out the crates
We on the soil ice skatin
Doin figure 8's
The king of slang
They call me Ebonics
Bout to get stupid and dumd
Like jasox and mantronics
(Dumb dumb dumb dumb)
Hear me out
The first muthafucka to even speak about a drought
40 a fool i heard he growin out his hair
Swear? yea he takin it there
It's party music
Get used to it
The hyphy movement

[ Chorus }
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to gooo
Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb
Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb

Tell me when to go
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to go
Tell me when to gooo
Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb
Dumb, dumb, dumb dumb

Who you know that could get Kanye West on the remix?
Ay Yay. You know they love you in the Yay boy. Speak on it.

[ Kanye West ]
Ay pimp, its Yay pimp
40 told me they fuck with me in the bay pimp
So imma, ride down wit my doors open yea
Thats the way to get the hoes open
High heel stilletos wit the toes open yea
And any haters get they nose broken
Now tell me when to go
Tell me where da hoes
You told me it was cold
Now you act like you dont know
Imma hit the liquor store
I might be on the low
I might have my hoody on
And if you call out my name then you know they gon go
Ya fuckin up my mode mayne
I told you only call me by my code name
They already recognize me from my gold chain
The same one I gave Keisha Cole mayne
Now go dumb
Like Cole
On Martin
Im retarted

[ Chorus }

[ Ice Cube ]
Tell me when to go
Niggas get silly
Ice Cube on the mic fifty-one-fifty
Nuthin but a foo yall know who wit me
A west cost nigga named E-4 liquor
We can drink malt liquor
Till the party get thicka
Then I get sicka
And go go-rilla
Rollin thru the Bay
Doors open mayne
Freaks on the side walk
Coastin mayne
Then they can jump in
Get a lil somethin
Yell Geranamo
Bitch cuz i gotta go
Burn rubber, leave it in the streets
Leave it to them dope ass Lil' Jon beats
Thay make ya go berserk
Till it hurt, put in work
If ya scared go to church
Shake them dreads
Nigga fuck them feds
Im wit the E-4 oh
Tell me when to go

(The Game)

Yo I get hyphy
In Bays, All-Stars
Addidas, Hurricanes, Timberlands and Nikes
I'm so Hyphy
Snatch up wifeys
Got half the niggas in the BA tryin to fight me
I put down the ball
picked up the tech
I'm nice around mikes like Ron Artest
Play better for the west
40 Water I'm on one
Jesus had dreads so fuck it I'ma
Then I'ma shake my shit
after that have a bitch braid my shit
Chop it off and fade my shit
If L.A. is back that mean the Bay is back
Then the top on the CLK is back
I get dumb,dumb
Wit da windows tinted
Cops pull da Benz over
And ain't nobody in it
Ghost ride the whip
Ghost ride yo shit
And when i get writer's blok I ghostride ya bitch
It go front, back then i pull in out
Now gas break da car peelin now
First Master P, then Pac, then I came for the Bay
Don't do it for me nigga do it for Mac Dre

[ Chorus }

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