Islam Forever Remix (with Subtitles) [HD]





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Uploaded on Apr 10, 2010

Featuring Sabi7, AC, N-veed, Hemy, AYZ (in order of appearance)


Sabih Haq (Drake chorus)

It may not mean nothing to yall,
But understand it means the world to me,
So I plan on ignoring the call,
I rep Islam forever mayne, ever mayne,

I lower my gaze at the mall,
And tellin' Ma they ain't the one for me,
And I ain't plan on stopping at all,
I rep Islam forever mayne, ever mayne,

Ausim Chaghtai (Drake verse)

Last word, religion, first word, greatest,
Like I broke my wudu boy, ain't nothin to pray with,
Started with the Sahabah,
But thanks to the Mommas,
I know G-status imams on a first-name basis,

And our faith is solid in the ground, we know,
Been here since the Flintstones were around, Dino,
Swimming in the zamzam come and find me, Nemo,
I done passed the word to everyone around, Tebow

Drop the iqama that joint sounded like it begun,
Who'd a thought a worldwide religion be the outcome,
Sent the message in historic text, like Adam,
Everybody gotta mosque, I did it without one,

Brother, I'm about my ummah,
Never missin' a prayer, you would swear that this is jummah,
And everyone who sins, is asking for forgiveness,
If you ain't been apart of it, at least you got to witness,

(Drake chorus)

Naveed Kolia (Kanye West)

Hey hey Mr. Imam in the masjid,
Ain't no question who about to lead em,
I used to have hood dreams, big fame, big chains,
I stuck my deen into this life until the death came,
I went Islamic all flow like the bree-eeze,
Just so I can fast all ramadan please,
Yall know my story, my glory,
I accepted this young, you could call me chosen,
You know when I show up, I build masjids for Him,
Old hadiths, Abu Baker, what suckaaas?
Now superbad muslims giving me McLovin',
Fast all day, and now I got a dozen,
You would think these people know me when they really doesn't,
Like they was down with Islam but they really wasn't,
You know I always stay praaaying,
Islam really ain't what you're portraaaying,
Trade my riches just to so i could get my deen back,
Never miss a prayer, you know I don't ever slack,
Chasing the jannah, sticking straight to the right path,
All the way til akkirah, and I can't even act,
They pull their rug out, and I must react,
I know I want Islam forever, so now I got it back.

(Drake chorus)

Ibrahim Issa (Lil' Wayne)

It's the lyrical mujahid,
Islam I got,
I got this deen forever,
Wake up and reach the garden,
Fresher than the harvest,
Step up to the market,
I'm here to sell Islam, but I'm not tryin' to profit,

Prayin' five times a day, you know I'll never stop it,
Hopped up in my spaceship, told me chauffeur just to rocket,
My faith is so hot, that I just can't drop it,
But what should I swim for, this is Noah's dream ark,

My mind bright even when the world is dark,
Qur'an on my side, you needa hear that thing talk?
Let the prophet walk,
Check the price and pay attention,
Ibrahim, that's what they gotta say or mention,
I'm Felesteen (Palestine) in the middle of the summer,
I'm standing in the lead, I need a mic and a cover,
Shhhaytaan tryna influence my path,
No brake pads, no such thing as last.

(Drake chorus)

Ayyaz Amjad (Eminem)

I wrote the rhyme that resigned shaytaan,
With my prayer, imma slayer, and the Devil is gone,
Withdrawn, from my mind, just to find, that it's dawn,
Tempted by temptation, telling me that it's not forgone,

Satan sent, enemies to battle me,
But they all casualties,
And we on our hand and knees, praying please,
Before they squeeze, before he penetrates our heart,
Before he brakes our faith apart, but I put my faith in parts,
I split it five ways,

My faith is swift like Ali, and his double-edged blade,
My faith is strong like Umar, don't need no aid,
First like Abu-Bakr, my faith is displayed,
Spread my faith like Uthman, nah it'll never fade,
I've got Islam on my side, don't need to be afraid,

Satan left his number for me, but I ain't callin' it,
He left his Twitter too, but I ain't followin',
From within and, now I'm slayin', now I'm stayin', now I'm prayin',
I want this thing forever, so now I'm sayin',

(Drake chorus)


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