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Published on Jun 20, 2009

The main event at MMAs Adrenaline III Bragging Rights on the 13th of June, 2009. Former UFC heavyweight Champion, Tim Sylvia, was matched up against former WBO World heavyweight boxing champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist, Ray Mercer.

The bout was originally meant to be a boxing match, however the athletic commission changed its mind at the last minute and declared the fight illegal. The fight still went ahead as Mercer agreed to fight Sylvia under MMA Rules with a verbal agreement between the two to stand and box.

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The Overhand Right -- a taller opponent's worst enemy!
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Boxing > MMA, all day everyday lmao
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Li Kuang
A retired boxer Ray Mercer killed the MMA Champion at his prime.
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Would love for you guys to actually disect Sylvias mistakes, but yall dint understand boxing..that's why, so many of you discredit Mercer's win. There are three major mistakes that Sylvia got away with in the UFC, that he did not get away with, with an "old, washed up, boxer". SMH...Ray Mercer was an olympian and champ..and a terror as a younger man...the fact that you all can't even respect him tells me that you no nothing about boxing. Mistake 1: Hands not near chin. Mistake 2: Chin not tucked into shoulder. Mistake 3: Followed a pro boxer as opposed to stepping to the side. (Recipe for disaster) Mistake4: Did not circle, to the right, away from his power. Believe me. Tim New who Ray Mercer was and that right hand was devastating. This is what Arrogant UFC fighters and fans get when they discredit another martial art. All kinds of excuses except, he actually made mistakes he could get away with in MMA, because those dudes are not as good with the hands as pro boxers.
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Harry Callahan
MMA reminds me of an old dodgy builder....Jack of all trades....master of none.
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Boxing is the second oldest extant martial art in history. It has evolved and shifted more time than can ever be known. It has been used against kicking and grappling martial arts for millennia. Boxers are statistically faster, more accurate and strike with greater force than all other martial artists. Boxing is very deadly and highly underrated
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Beware Of The Austro Kraut
+kiikiikhan so getting knocked out by a fat, old boxer, who was at that time 48 years old, and so washed up in terms of being a boxer that any better journeyman would have given him a sound beating isn't an embarassment? Especially considering it was with just ONE punch, that even I as an amateur boxer could see being cocked from a mile away? I'm sorry, but it proves my theory that MMA fighters are too chinny to ever make it in boxing, even if they had trained from early on in hteir lives. Theres a reason why these guys fight for peanuts (even in the UFC), whereas any better contender or lesser known champion makes more money than even some of the most well known mma "stars". Let me know when Anderson Silva or GSP make upwards of 10 million with events that have similar ppv numbers to any boxing event. The ppv numbers have been there, nothing consistent like a maywaether, pacquiao or de la hoya fight does on the regular, but the money hasn't. And don't give me the sponsorship bs... boxers are sponsored too, I'm talking purely fight purse. Same goes for Muay Thai / K-1... Supposed Iron chinned guys like Ray Sefo for example... he tried his hand in pro boxing and got absolutely destroyed by a bum called Chester Hughes.... He knocked Sefo out so bad he nearly fell through the ropes, yet Hughes neither has a high KO percentage (meaning he is a pretty average/weak puncher for a boxer), nor a special boxing record of any sort... in fact he is a barely mediocre bum. Or Anderson Silva.... also had 2 pro boxing fights I know of.... won one against some bum and got KNOCKED out by another bum, long before that recent knock out in mma mind you... the so called "iron chinned" anderson silva. I have yet to see anyone with real punching/boxing skill in MMA, even most of the "Muay Thai" I see in MMA is disgusting, and makes me want to smash Joe Rogan in his big jaw every time he says "crisp boxing" or "crisp Muay Thai" with a "crisp lead right", followed by a "crisp elbow" and then a "crisp tibia-led roundhouse" so he knows what "crisp" is. I used to follow MMA religiously up until shortly after the GSP vs Serra rematch, btw. I still kinda like the sport, but I barely watch anymore... I still follow K-1 somewhat, but now i mostly watch boxing... and yes, I've been to the gym myself, trained some MMA, trained more Muay Thai, but mostly boxing these days... tbh all of you talking bs about street fighting and which is more realistic: Classic street self defense is and always has been boxing with some wrestling. Ive trained Muay Thai more than Boxing, yet I would never try to use a roundhouse kick in a fight, nor clinch and knee and elbow either if I can avoid it. Yes its nice to elbow to avoid breaking your hand, but in street fights people bite, people stick things into your eye, etc, so Id like to keep some distance... tbh all you need for self defence is a solid base in knowing how to use your feet to move + how to throw the most basic punches and a little bit of wrestling to improve your position IF you hit the ground or to avoid going there altogether... I wouldnt advise you to start triangle choking people or armbarring etc. If someone was to armbar me, in the rare event my friends wouldnt kick his head in for him still attacking me while on the ground, Id try my best to bite a chunk of his leg off, if theyd put me in a triangle my free arm would be punching their nuts into their stomach pit, etc. You get the picture? Not everyone fights nice and cosy like you see in "never back down". If I have to use self defence I will assume that if the other guy gets me knocked our unconscious he might still hit me or maybe seriously harm/kill me, so I will do anything in order to "win" (imo there is never a real winner in a street fight, just one person who comes away with less bodily harm) as to me it means I will stay alive.
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Haha I love how everyone is making out MMA is awful because an average fighter in Tim Sylvia who is a bonehead chose to stand with a boxer. Hilarious, keep in mind that Ray Mercer also got choked out cold by Kimbo Slice who is a below average MMA fighter/boxer. It's not a question of which sport is better, it's simply about where the fight takes place. Standing up, most likely an MMA fighter will lose against a boxer. But if it goes to the ground which a lot of fights have potential to go there a boxer would lose against a grappler. If you're a true fight fan you understand the art of boxing and MMA.
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Edward Tejada
Mercer crossed over to mma and slept this foo. McGregor crossed over and got worked. Hate on that mma!
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UFC champ taken out in 6 seconds by ex pro boxer 20 years after his prime hahahaha. Tells you all you need to know bout mma. Can't box so make a living been a slave to baldy dana white making 8k a fight hahaha. Sad suckers
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