1979 Ford F150 Mudding 400m on 38" Swampers (2)





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Published on Sep 27, 2009

some more fun at taylors field. 400m, 4 gear, 4 inch suspension lift, 3 inch body, 38x12.5x15 tsl super swampers.

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Jacob Mehl
I have a 77 F-150 4x4 with a 351m. They just don't build them like they used to. These trucks are monsters.
Jake Wilcox
That's an awesome truck! I am 14 and I bought a 1979 ford f250 with a 400m, glasspacks, 4 on the floor and 315/75R16 on the truck! I boughtmy baby it when I was 13!! 
Jbug Atkins
Sam Poertner
Did you by any chance buy this off a guy on Lackland AFB in San Antonio in 03 04?
Jim Garrison
To those calling the 351M and 400 a "piece of crap, a paper weight, boat anchor, gutless pig," etc., tell that to Jon Kaase. He won the Engine Masters Challenge with a 400 back to back in '08 and '09 and should have won it in '07 as well but a technicality cost him the victory. Even more annoying was that those hosting the event constantly refered to the 400 as a 400M. Don't underestimate these engines people. They came out in an era where emissions were starting to be cracked down on by the EPA and it was restricted from the factory so it never reached it's full potential in stock form. True, some of the blocks had their issues but if you know what to look for, all it takes is a little know-how and you can turn these junkyard gems into a real screamer.  As far as those calling the 400 a "400M", I mean, come on, it's kind of hard for someone to have a credible opinion about an engine when they know so little about it and have done such little research that they don't even know what the engine is called!
Jim Garrison
 Why does everyone insist on throwing an "M" after 400? It's not like you need to do it so you don't confuse someone from mixing it up with another 400 cubic inch Ford engine. The reason why Ford puts an "M" after 351 is so you don't confuse it with the 351C or 351W. There is no reason to do so with the 400 so people can stop this any time now. Contrary to popular belief, Ford never in any of their literature refered to the 400 as a "400M", EVER. Neither did they call the 351M a "351 Modified"; that is also another term people chose to give it because they felt that was most obviously what Ford ment since it IS a "Modified" version of the 400 engine. Yes, I know Ford based some of the 400's design off of the 351 Cleveland but even still, the 400 and 351C are different blocks so the 400 is not a Modified version of it. If you look at the valve covers of any 1971 to 1974 Ford 400 engine, it does not have an "M" after the number 400. Not until 1975 when Ford destroked the 400 down to a 351 did they put an "M" on the valve cover decal. Even still, the 400 never got an "M" after it because it was never a "Modified" version of anything. Pre-'74 valve covers say "400" and '75-'82 valve covers say "Engine Family 351M/400"; still there was no "M" after 400. Only in magazines, non-Ford published books, internet articles, and by word of mouth does the 400 get an "M" after it. Ford has always called it what it is, just a 400.
Dylan Guay
not all heads have the stamped M but mine did
Dylan Guay
Doesn't matter what you wanna call it 400/400m people know what you're talking about. Lots call it a 400m because it's the same block as the 351m. You're right, valve covers don't say M on 400s but M is stamped on upper corner of the head. But once again same heads as the 351m.
Dylan Guay
what gear ratio you running in the rear end? 
you dont know how much someone can hate them until you hear my grandpa talk about them lol. i personally think they are a good engine for what they are, good low end torque stock and they can be built to be good engines.
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