MSNBC False Edit of Romney Immigration Stance?





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Published on Jul 6, 2012

When MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" dishonestly edited video to misrepresent Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's position on Arizona's anti-immigrant law, it crossed a journalistic line into territory usually reserved for Fox News, especially given the more honest way CNN reported on the same issue, as I show in this video.

The clip I use of Rachel Maddow comes from a longer segment of MSNBC's June 21, 2012, broadcast of "The Rachel Maddow" Show available online at http://on.msnbc.com/KUyGJr

The clips I use of John King questioning Mitt Romney come from CNN's February 22, 2012, broadcast of its Arizona Tea Party GOP debate available on YouTube at http://bit.ly/M6DhJo

The clips I use of Jim Acosta and Gloria Borger come from CNN's June 25, 2012 broadcast of "The Situation Room" the transcript of which is available online at http://bit.ly/O70QlC

The image i use of my Fox News bias playlist comes from the YouTube playlist page at http://bit.ly/M9wuQX

The image I use of my Fox News bias in its video editing playlist comes from the YouTube playlist page at http://bit.ly/J7XbkD

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Republicans and democrats are two different flavors to the same poisoned Kool-Aid. The media is no different. MSNBC plays the Neo-liberal stance, Fox plays the neo-con stance. In the front they argue and give the illusion of  "choice". LMFAO!!! Behind the scenes they eat and drink together, they're all members of the same clubs and take orders from the same masters. ALL.....I MEAN ALL work for the same corporate-facist, military-industrial complex, under full control of the banking cartels. You remind me of those kids that think pro-wrestling is real fighting. I can't believe that this far into the 21st century and some still can't realize this??? The alternative media is our only hope!!!! Wake up people....THE GAME IS RIGGED!!! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!
Dale Bergeron
How to win ?? Control what appears to be both sides. Both are edited and manipulated to be false. Each side watches what they think are their side but its all fake. You don't even know its all one sided to fool everyone that's its both sides. Look at who really owns (not runs) but owns company's behind them. you have to look a little but it's not hiding that hard.
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Rebecca Pink
Total liberal here, but I don't have much at all to do with cable news or "news". I was never a viewer of Colbert, Stewart (in the comedy event), Maddow, or the rest of them (in the so called straight news). I found Olberman's Worst Person segments funny sometimes and i often watch John oliver clips here, but to say I would trust any of them would be severely untrue. In fact, if I am watching cable news--no matter who they are or which party they support--I'm looking at it all like comedy.
Steven Keane
So you never saw the Arizona Gun nuts showing up to Obama Speech with AR-15 who was African American?
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I'm consider myself a democart but anybody & their mama knows that even MSNBC is guilty of the same crappy things FOX pulls. Difference is, FOX is much more bold-faced, indiscriminate & arrogant about it.
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Where are the rest of all the NBC/MSNBC edited videos and audio? I just wasted about 5 minutes of my like looking thru all your vids. This is the only one I saw. So you have no credibility. You are completely biased. If I like you had no life and a monotone robot voice. I could have a page just like this for NBC/MSNBC on their "errors" as Mike calls them. Here just a few off the top of my head- Trayvonn tape,Romney rally, Ronmey check out, racist tea party member at rally with gun-he was black
Mike Schonewolf
Yes that was dishonest editing, no because there are fewer instances where MSNBC makes errors like this. Fox does it practically every day.
Charles Henderson
This makes it One msnbc. One thousand one for fox. " UN PAUSE."
Nicholas Butler
FullMentalPanic is right. Dishonest editing cannot be justified, but what Rachel did is not dishonest. Romney said "I think you see a model here in Arizona," and you can tell by his later statement of "the right course for America is to drop these lawsuits against Arizona" that he was not just talking about e-Verify. On the first question: I think no. The second: Yes. That said: To LiberalViewer, while I disagree here, thank you for having the fairness and objectivity to look into MSNBC.
last time romney said if immigrants want to be Americans they should first join the army first ,but his kids No way. Going to church is the way clown head 
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