Minecraft 12w32a Snapshot - ARMORED MOBS, NIGHT VISION, & MORE! (HD)





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Published on Aug 9, 2012

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NEW FEATURES (according to the wiki)
Villagers will now react positively on new trades, and negatively if you hurt them
Villagers will not remove trades, but trading something else may be required to renew the old ones
Zombies, Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen have new equipment, depending on difficulty
Added Zombie Villagers
Villagers have a chance of turning into zombies after being killed by one.
Zombie spawn eggs may spawn zombie villagers.
Zombie villagers can be cured by throwing a weakness potion at it, then feeding it a golden apple. Eventually, it will turn back into a villager. [2]
Added the Command Block intended for adventure maps.
It can run server commands when triggered by a redstone signal.
You can use @player or @p as a placeholder for the nearest player.
This block will not be craftable and is currently not available in the creative mode inventory, but can be obtained via the command /give 137
Added the Beacon Block (Named "Work in Progress" ingame).
By building a pyramid composed of storage blocks such as Blocks of Emerald or Blocks of Diamond and placing this block on top, the player gains access to several powers.
A full pyramid can provide level II powers, should the player select the level I variation in the primary powers section.
It can not be crafted, although a crafting recipe is planned.
It can be obtained via the "Miscellaneous" tab in the creative inventory, or with the /give 138 command.
The minimum range is 16 blocks
Glows as bright as Glowstone
Players within the blocks' range will be given the selected effects every 4 seconds
The best configuration of blocks requires 164 blocks
A working Potion of Night Vision is in the creative inventory.
Zombie Attack Animation shows when it's holding a weapon.
Large oak trees now generate with sideways logs.
You can now toggle showing server addresses in the server list using the F1 key

Reddit Post: http://bit.ly/QiQ7Fa

Music: http://www.youtube.com/Babbingtn
Music: http://www.youtube.com/bananapielord

Outro Music: http://www.youtube.com/EoinOBroinMusic

Tags: yt:quality=high minecraft Minecraft snapshot minecraft 12w32a minecraft 12w32a snapshot ChimneySwift11 ChimneySwift minecraft 1.4 minecraft 1.4 update command block infected villagers work in progress work in progress block beacon block minecraft beacon armored mobs armored zombies armored zombie pigmen armored skeletons like and dislike NPC villagers testificates testificate zombies zombie villagers baby zombies baby zombie night vision night vision potion

Comments • 3,035

Miracle Mir
Kristin Davenport
They'd done that for about 8 months when you made this comment, this video was also 8 months old at the time, therefore they didn't do that before the week this video was made.
I think he knows that by now...
Ah memories
Be on block
That was funny when u hit the pig an and they all followed you
Gamer Flozer
05:54 the baby zombie with the armor is cute!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Hynes
Was this removed from the game?
Amy Wright
I have killed a full gold armored zombie with my fist!!!!!!!!!!!!
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