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Uploaded on Nov 14, 2011

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AP caster! Let me start by saying she is probably one of the most irritating champions to solo queue with due to the sheer number of pubs who think Tormented Soil presents a ripe opportunity for stealing easy farm. Thank you, Soraka, real helpful.

Build Recommendations
NOTE: As always, this section is opinion, and is not included in the movie because it won't always be true, nor is it likely to be the best way to play this champion in many situations. Check out solomid.net, mobafire, and leaguecraft for guides and information when picking up a champion!

Runes: Magic pen reds, flat mana regen yellows, flat cooldown reduction blues, health quints. Armor and flat magic resist yellows/blues wouldn't be bad bets, but I found her ability to recover health lessened the need.

Masteries: 9/0/21 with an emphasis on magic pen in offense and cdr/mana regen in utility. Masteries could be completely reworked as soon as tomorrow, so this'll be dated very soon (sorry!).

Skills: First point in Tormented Soil if I was solo laning mid or top, first point in Dark Binding if I was duo laning. Tormented Soil immediately helps w/ health recovery as necessary and it can be effective even at low ranks for farming in the right situations. Dark Binding, on the other hand, can have a huge impact on a level 1 gank or saving you or a teammate from one.

Tormented Soil maxed first after this. An early point in Black Shield (by level 4). Maxing out Dark Binding vs Black Shield came entirely down to whether I was playing really defensively or not -- in almost all circumstances I maxed Dark Binding before Black Shield, only changing this if I knew someone on the opposing team (my lane or otherwise) was getting out of control. Ultimate always maxed when possible.

Gear: Usually Doran's first, only occasionally boots/health pots (such as against a brand). Keep in mind she has spell vamp, so Doran's helps keep her alive often as much as boots and health pots can.

Rod of Ages was virtually always my first purchase after basic boots, and I'd wait for the investment. Depending on my gold when I returned to base after this, I would either get Sorc shoes next, or a Needlessly Large Rod towards Rabadon's. Either way, I'd usually get Rabadon's and Sorc Shoes next.

After this, it was a question of Glacial Shroud, Banshee's, or Zhonya's. Take your pick based on your situation. Zhonya's can be safely used during her ultimate.

Morgana can perform well in a number of roles and I didn't get a chance to try them all. This was what worked well for me in these games.

What's next for the DF series? Fizz this week, then I'm not sure who I'll pursue next. Katarina, Brand, and Jax look like they could be fun, but I'm leaving my options open.

All the transcripts for the Don't Feeds are now up on my website, http://www.ciderhelm.com/ . Additionally, some big news up there about why the DFs have slowed down a little. Enjoy!


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Don't Feed is a video series that covers champions in greater detail than the Champion Spotlight. This series is descriptive, not prescriptive, meaning that I aim to provide you with solid information without telling you which items, runes, or masteries are best (as these frequently change). With this information, you can better play against these champions, and you may be interested in learning to play them. Even after more than a thousand games, I am still learning new things about these champions by making these videos, and I'm sure the vast majority of LoL players can learn a lot from these.

My goal is to provide these videos for all champions in League of Legends.


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