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Published on Jun 4, 2012

More on http://bartjansen.tv. Buy your Orvillecopter T-shirt @ Okimono. http://shop.okimono.nl/index.php/new/...
Second test, May 21 2012 (Still a test - but it works!) Orvillecopter has his internals renewed! After this test he is ready for his maiden voyage at KunstRai ArtFair Amsterdam.

It's a tribute to cat Orville, who was named after the famous aviator Orville Wright. When the cat was killed by a car, visual artist Bart Jansen transformed him into the Orvillecopter as a tribute to a lost life: Now he is finally flying with the birds. The greatest goal a cat could ever reach!

For the cat lovers: love your cat.

For the RC Lovers
Same engines, (lotus 580)
new TURNIGY Plush 30amp Speed Controllers,
HK Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 and 4s LiPo.

More on http://bartjansen.tv

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Once again I'm astounded by human stupidity. How on earth is it more immoral to make your dead cat fly, than to put him under a few feet of dirt? This is a rhetorical question by the way; there is no logical reason to find this more immoral. It's a dead cat after all. Dead. As in, not alive. Just as dead as the meat you probably ate last night. But no, doing something creative and fun with a dead animal is "sick", while eating them after they've been held in captivity all their lives isn't. Because fuck logic.
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Okay people, let's stop and think for a second. Turning a dead cat into a helicopter is definitely unusual, yes, but I don't get why it's garnering so much hate. The cat was hit by a car and died. Turning him into a helicopter didn't hurt him because he was already dead. This being the case, the most important thing to consider is not that it was done, but WHY it was done. That cat was his pet and he made him into a helicopter in an attempt to honor him. As an explanation of why he did this, he was noted to have said "Orville (the cat) loved birds, and he'll soon be flying with them." Now many of you may disagree with me here, but IMO there's a sort of beauty in that sentiment, and odd as the result may be, it's beyond refute that this was clearly done out of love. Let me be clear that I love all animals, but I especially adore cats, and as a cat lover I can honestly say that to me it's the sentiment that's important. This man doesn't deserve your hate.
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Kris Mogford
fucking hilarious. I should do this to my mother when she goes :D
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Tin Cole
Am I the only one who found this funny ?? hahahahah
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Emily H
I can't stop laughing at this. How the fuck did they come up with this idea. its freaking hilarious.
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Trainer Gold
your a sick and very cruel bazturd i hope you get into a fucking carcrash because that is not funny at all, that is just sick and disgusting
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It's dead alright. It's not abuse. It's not even an animal anymore. It's furry leather with fake eyeballs on a metal skeleton mounted on a helicopter. So stop complaining about animal abuse, since it's not relevant here.
Wow, the amount of religious, ignorant and self-righteous people leaving comments here is too damn high. Why would you compare using the treated, taxidermied body of your dead cat with using the mummified corpse of a former human being? We eat beef, chicken and fish on a usual basis - we kill and eat beings that were once alive. Would you eat "your dead best friend, husband/wife, mum or dad"? You see? You guys are a bunch of hypocrites and are unable to think beyond popular opinion of your environment/reference group. I'd go as far and say that this opinion of "wtf, that was your cat" is backwards. It once was a cat, now it is but a thing; not something alive or with feelings, it's inanimate. The body of the cat has been treated with respect and is being reused as a - questionable - piece of art. You, a bull, a rat or a cat - physiologically everything consists of the same atoms.
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To all of you who think this is right, would you physically strap down your dead best friend, husband/wife, mum or dad to this and fly it..
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