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Published on May 13, 2007

New Orleans Cajun Justin Wilson tells us how to make Chicken and Andouille Gumbo.

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The Face Bullie
talk about nostalgia! I would watch him on PBS on Saturdays as a kid! I gar-on-tee!
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e harris
Yup me 2 this guy was a part of my childhood back in the early early 90's in the 225 b.r. Yup ias garontee
The Face Bullie me too. yes!!!!
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Matthew Smithson
Damn I miss Justin Wilson I remember watching him on tv as a kid every afternoon at 1 on pbs right after bob Ross painting, wish he could come back an have another cooking show I miss the funny stories he would tell an no matter what everything needed wine lol
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Pearlie McCann
justin passed away in 2001. :(
Bob was so awesome.
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He was one of my chef "Idols" growing up. I guarunnnteeee! Always used a ton of wine in everything. They should do a documentary or film on his life. Probably Very interesting .
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George Erdner
He was one of my main cooking teachers. I've become a fairly good Cajun cook based on what I learned from Justin Wilson. 
Jeff Quitt
I Agree
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Jermaine McKenzie
I loved watching him when I was growing up. his the best with his storys
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Jermaine McKenzie
Allen B. What? 
Allen B
Jermaine mckenzie
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David Olsen
This guy, and Bob Ross on PBS back in the day- another piece of my childhood:-)
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Great stuff, fond memories, I enjoyed Newton's Apple to.
Here's the thing....
Loved Yan, plus Galloping Gourmet.
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I used to watch this man "live" and enjoyed every telecast. RIP. Squirrel head stew! 
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John Gottschalk
+Amelia Bee There's at least 23 right here on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK4umRMJlrs&list=PL4B25E5B400C3B34C
John Billiot
+Amelia Bee  PBS plays an epsiode or two on Saturdays... if you live in SELA you can catch this channel
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Shauna Saucier
"Ah guarantee ya"❣️😘 I grew up watching you, and I'm about to make some gumbo. So I thought I'd come check you out Justin, for old time sakes... Rest In Peace Justin!
He is cookin' upstairs right now, Whooeee ! You gonna like dat !
Supreme Stanley
Shauna Saucier I did the same thing. I was waiting on some cold weather
This is a time when cooking shows were entertaining. Justin Wilson, Keith Floyd and Jacques Pepin were my faves. Now, cooking shows are so scripted, so sterile and dull.
Rob Billeaud
First of all, there is no such thing as a New Orleans Cajun. The "Cajuns" are descended from the French Acadians that were expelled from Canada by the British in the late 1700s for failing to swear allegiance to the British crown. These people settled primarily in the South Central area of Louisiana (although there are smaller communities settled in Maine and elsewhere) which is now referred to as Cajun Country. The popular misconception is that New Orleans = Cajun, which is not so. Also Justin Wilson is not from New Orleans, but from Roseland, which is about 70 miles NNW of New Orleans. It is actually geographically closer to Baton Rouge than New Orleans. His Cajun accent is pure schtick that he plays for the camera. He is a good cook and entertaining to watch, but as a native of Lafayette, LA I tend to get a little annoyed when people think that New Orleans has anything to do with the Cajuns.
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Roy Babineaux
+Dick Mott sorry Dick Mott you must research more. First off some Cajuns did own slaves that narrative has been debunked everyone that came here wasn't poor. Number 2 there were people living in what we call today Cajun country before Cajuns. Number 3 literally when the slaves where sold on the slave logs at auction they said on them Master Chef, engineer, grade A molasses maker, master carpenter etc another debunked myth keep research and you'll find this like I have. Now like I said before if you want to make Cajun culture inclusive you could but people already have their minds made up. Cajun culture comes from Creole culture from the food to music and anything in between. It's human nature to be influenced by people around you. All I ask is what did the Cajuns bring from Nova Scotia that influenced people from Louisiana. By the way in Louisiana in New Orleans 1/3 of the people living there were free people of color aka Creole of color and 95 percent of the street vendors were people of color. This isn't a black white thing it's a Creole vs Cajun thing. Because before jim crow took hold in Louisiana Cajuns were black and white then they weren't anymore. Reclassification should've never happened but it did an explanation would be in order because my family came from Nova Scotia too.
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James West
without this guy there would be no Emeril, or Wolfgang, or Bobby Flay. I loved this show and Yan Can Cook.
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