Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix: Sora vs. Terra





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Uploaded on May 3, 2008

UPDATE: OKAY. Now that a translation patch is out, will you idiots stop complaining about how this game wasn't released in the US already?

The Translation patch release link http://xeeynamo.blogspot.com/2011/07/...

Random Link: "Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix [HD]: Reaction Command Exhibition": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0cD4...

Meh.... I just never had time or interest of recording it.....

Yes... I know I suck at this fight...

Note: Donald and Goofy were equipped with every Megalixir I had, as well as Sora equipped the same way one very item slot.

FAQ for this video:

Why can't I get this fight in the US KH2?
A: This is Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+, it is Japanese exclusive. If you import it from somewhere like Play-Asia, you WILL need to bypass the region lock via a modchip or Swap Magic. Don't ask me how, google is your friend.

Can I get this game in English?
A: For those asking. A Translation patch for KH2 Final Mix is out: http://xeeynamo.blogspot.com/2011/07/...

What does he say in the beginning?
A: "Aqua... Ven... Keyblade... Who are you? I can feel it - we have met before. But when... No... it isn't you... It isn't you that I have chosen. Why isn't it him? Xe...ha...nort... Is that you? Xeha...nort... Xehanort!"

What about the end?
A: "I see... Your power--" "It was the power I felt from you---"

Why is your health so low? What level are you then?
A: I'm at lvl 99. The health is so low because the difficulty is "Critical Mode".

What was that second form you transformed to? Why does Sora look like his KH1 self?
A: It's called "Limit Form" which is a Final Mix Exclusive drive form. You get it the same time you get Oathkeeper in Twilight Town. The form description is something around "A form that gives Sora access to familiar abilities."

Why do you have Anti-form on the menu and two Kingdom Keys on Final Form?
A: They were codebreaker hacked. The event (the scene before the fight), the keys, and the form menu were the only things hacked. If anything, keeping them to Kingdom Keys made it harder by not having Oathkeeper's Form boost ability to stay in Final Form longer on the second key.

OH REALLY!? WHY DIDN'T YOU DIE AT 4:53 when he was hitting you repeatedly at 1HP, huh!? ANSWER THAT!
A: It's called the "Once More" ability. It goes hand in hand with "Second Chance" to keep you from dying as long as you have more than 1HP. If you Aerial recover in the middle of the combo, you WILL die.

A: Has it EVER occurred to you idiots that those people who make codes like me and hack ROMs have beaten them with the regular conditions probably more than you have and got bored of the same conditions over and over again? YOU try going with playthrough using Roxas in which you are restricted to Guard and attack and NO reaction commands because he T-Stances. It's something fresh.

What item do you get at the end?
A: The final Drive bar to push it to 9 and the key item that gives you a crown rank (it does absolutely nothing except as sidequest accomplishment item visible on his head). You can fight him again as many times as you want, that shows a shorter scene and gives you a Final Mix exclusive synthesis item (that you would otherwise get from treasure chests, which means limited quantities).

Old Description info:.

Note (because of the stupid comments): You'll notice I have 9 drive bars AND still got the "first-time only" cutscene for Terra (You get the last drive bar from him), as well as two kingdom keys with Final Form, and Antiform available at the bottom of the drive list. Those were done through the use of a Codebreaker.

No other codes were used. I don't care if you believe me, but the video is already done. I don't need to prove anything to idiots that just say OMG OMG OMG YOU USED CODEBREAKER YOU CHEATER. Go troll someone else.

As for the idiots who keep saying that about the HP thing, it's called the "Once More" ability that is available even in the English version of KH2. You DO NOT Aerial Recover in the middle of a combo that you would have normally died in and it will keep you alive until you regain your control.


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