You'll Be Mine [Chapter 11]





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Published on Dec 28, 2009

Joe -- it should be here any minute now.. (sees it) oh look there it is! (starts heading to where it is parked)

Miley -- (gasped) O-M-G! that's our ride??

Joe -- (turns around,smiles at her) yea..

Miley -- (runs over to a limousine,smiles big,looks at Joe) your kidding right?

Joe -- (shakes his head then he gets in)

Miley -- (gets in to and hugs joe) thank you! (keeps repeating it)

Joe -- (laughs then pulls away,gives her a confused look)

Miley -- uh well..I know its weird but,its my dream to ride a limousine since I was a kid..

Joe -- (starts laughing)

Miley -- (looks down,abit embarrased)

Joe -- (stops laughing,feels bad for what he did) I'm sorry..

Miley -- (starts looking outside the window) its okay..

Joe -- no its not..and I feel really awful! if I--

Miley -- (kinda mad) I said its okay!

Joe -- (sighs,quietly) I'm really sorry miles..

Miley -- (mumbles: 'whatever')

Joe -- (heard it,sighs)

(when they get to the hotel,the driver parked that car on the driveway then both miley and joe gets out of the car)

Miley -- (goes inside the hotel without any word for joe)

Joe -- (he goes inside too,he goes to the counter and check what their room no. is)

Miley -- (waiting for him,when joe is done talking to the attendant,he asked him with a cold tone) what room?

Joe -- (tells her,knows she's still mad at him) baby I'm sorry..

Miley -- (rolls her eyes,goes upstairs and to their room)

Joe -- (does the same) uhm are you hungry?

Miley -- (shakes her head no)

Joe -- uh umm I'm just gonna take a shower first..

Miley -- (nods then she lays on the bed,and takes a nap for a bit)

[in her dream]

Nick -- (gets out of the bathroom,starts heading to the bed while smilling)

Miley -- (giggles,then she sits up) oh nick..

Nick -- (kisses her deeply)

Miley -- (kisses back with the same passion,after awhile she pulls away but the face of nick starts fading away forming into a new face)

Joe -- (smiles) hello miley

Miley -- (screams)

[End of the dream]

Miley -- (wakes up,swetting really bad,breathing heavy) oh..its was just a dream (she kept reapeating that thought in her mind)

Joe -- (gets out of the room,half naked,he smiles at miley)

Miley -- (wipes the sweat in her forehead,catching up for air) joe.. can you..get..water?

Joe -- (quickly gets a glass of water,gives it to miley,concerned) what's wrong?

Miley -- (drinks it and after she finishes,she gives it to joe,she starts breathing normal again,the she shakes her head) nothing..

Joe -- (she put the empty glass on the nightstand,he smiles at miley,then he kisses her)

Miley -- (not kissing back,then she looks down)

Joe -- (sighs in dissapointment) I'm sorry..

Miley -- (feels bad) uh its okay.. (then she takes a deep breath and she kisses him)

Joe -- (smiles through the kiss and he deepens it,starts getting ontop of her)

Miley -- (abit scared,but she just ignored it and continues kissing him)

Joe -- (he pulls away and he starts kissing her neck,finds her sweet spot then he starts sucking it)

Miley -- (moans softly)

Joe -- (smirks,he starts taking of her pants,when he finally takes it of,he starts to finger her)

Miley -- (feels weak,she moans abit loud)

Joe -- (knows she's turned on,he stops sucking her neck,he stakes off her shirt and bra,then he starts sucking her nipple)

Miley -- (can't take it anymore) ugh! stop fooling around joe!

Joe -- (smirks) as you wish ma lady (he stops then he takes off her underwear,and the towel around him,he starts shoving it in)

Miley -- (realizes something) wait!


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