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Published on Nov 2, 2011

Therefore, we have decided that you, Judge William Adams, shall receive the full fury of Anonymous.

So that's where he gets his inspiration... o i c...:


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ORIGINAL BEATING (Fair Warning for Violence)

Find us in the IRC @ irc.anonops.li channel #opdoxthejudge.


Greetings, Judge Adams.
We are Anonymous.

Your recent actions have been atrocious, unjust, and as an individual who represents families in judicial disputes, we expected more of you. We have witnessed you mercilessly beating your own disabled daughter for simply "browsing the internet or downloading music". We are outraged. Such aggression against a child will not stand, especially by someone who has assumed the duty to protect families. However, how ironic it is that this leak was not made by the discerning public, but from the victim: your own daughter. The heartless beating of another human being, especially the one of a child is a terrible crime that will not go unnoticed.

To speculate the least, you yourself know as a parent that she has a disability, and given that she was of such a young age, her understanding may not be as 'advanced' as your own. However, as human beings, we have evolved NOT to abuse and incite violence, but to understand and learn. You clearly represent the intelligence of a neanderthal and as such, you deserve to be treated like the brute that you are. You may have seen your actions justified, but to a young girl, she does not understand the nature of your aggression.Your actions show you to be terrible parent, an abhorrent human being, and as such you deserve to be outcast by the society that respects and abides by your final word.

Therefore, we have decided that you shall receive the full fury of Anonymous. We shall continue to wage war against you until you have paid the price for your reprehensible actions. We will not cease our attacks until you have done so. We demand a PUBLIC APOLOGY to both the people of Texas and to your daughter. Further, we demand your immediate resignation from the bar and retirement from any form of judiciary action or law enforcement.

Should you choose to continue to assert that "it looks worse than it was", we shall continue our actions against you untill you see the abhorrent nature of your actions and comply with our demands.

We protect the innocent.
We fight for the oppressed.
We shall avenge.
Operation DoxTheJudge, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

Comments • 798

Is he dead yet?
vez z.
what happened with this?? UPDATES PLEASE
Anon ymous
oh yeah you better expect us judge "we are the judge, jury, and executioner."
Him and his fucking wife.
jenny lynn
This scumbag is back on the bench after being suspended with pay for a year.
Marina Meadows
My family have been "KILL ALIVE" without GUNS! Spread, Share The Truth: in YTube /IR7b6uiofjg watch short video it is product of the retaliation of some of the Judges..over 10 Yrs to upload, cuz we are blocked everywhere! in Spanish for a minute.. follows in English, FB page TheMeadowsFmly at aol Unfortunately Blocking us to shut us up! Manipulating my mail, internet and ph(305)788-7679 with ATT, but My family exist! WE ARE NOT "SPAM" Google Marina Meadows We are in need of Urgent Help !!
Jay Stimson
It's great anonymous exposed him but it appears their promise was an empty one. This cannot happen if anonymous is to maintain credibility. Otherwise, the message will be lost and the people will continue to lose their freedoms.
UPDATE 11/20/12: Judge William Adams is back on the bench. He was paid the whole time he was away. It's time to put up or shut up. A year has gone by. Will you forgive? Will you forget? If we you do this asshole will have ended up receiving a year long vacation with pay as a reward for his behavior. 
Cameron King
We got him we got him I got him WE GOT IT
This is what I know, he's made $49,000 sitting on his ass during his "suspension". He's going to get away with it just like my mother did, my grandmother did, my aunt and uncle did. They always get away with it. They murdered my childhood, they murdered so many parts of me and yet I still have the bad fortune to have to continue to exist. YOU PROMISED ME ANONYMOUS that you'd get him. YOU PROMISED. 
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