Catch Me | Chapter 3





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Uploaded on Jul 22, 2009

Please dont let go He whispered, and looked down at me for what I was going to say. Please. I gulped. Dont drop me. At that moment his arm flexed more and he pulled me up so suddenly. He grabbed underneath my arms like he was picking up a toddler and pulled me over the edge when we both fell to the ground.

We sat there. Both in shock for what seemed like forever when the doors from inside the building flew open. I saw a teacher and David standing in front of me, and kids slowly started to gather around. David leaned down and pulled me into a huge hug.
Baby, what happened?! Are you okay?! You look awful, whats going on? He then looked over at the boy who saved me and gave him a glare. This made me mad. Shouldnt he be happy that someone was there to save me? I started to regret ever thinking that he would care if I were gone. I pulled away from him and rushed through the crowd.

I started running through the school hallways and sprinted down the school halls until I reached the place I needed to be. I walked into the school gym. There were volleyball nets set up left over from the practice that I was supposed to be at this morning. I grabbed a ball and walked back to the serving line. I tossed the ball up and took all my anger out on the ball. I slammed the ball down so hard it wouldve knocked down the biggest of the big players on the other side of the net. And at the moment I couldnt remember why I would ever want to take my life.

I heard footsteps creeping up on me and I turned around to see my coach of two years. She knows me so well, and shes one of the few people that actually cares about me. Its tough love, but its love. Why werent you at practice this morning? She asked in a quiet but firm voice.
I had some things to do. Ill make it up after school. I said looking down.
You bet you will. Now go on, get to class. That was the last place I wanted to go. Im sure most people just assumed I fell, but how obvious could it be? I was hanging off the side of a rail. You dont just accidentally fall over them. I was humiliated. But I could take it. I always have.


Everyone in our school knows who Alexis Taylor is. Shes the only girl with beauty that could kill. But she didnt want it. Shes the only girl that any guy would die to have. But she didnt want them. The only girl rich enough to buy clothes from Paris and France, but she didnt use it. The only girl with the brains that could get her into an Ivy League college. But she didnt want that either. Shes a mystery, thats for sure. Her life seems perfect to anyone that just passes by. So you could imagine how confused I was when I caught her attempting to take her life away. End it forever. For good.

After she got up and ran away, the kids and teachers started crowding around me.
What happened?
Did you push her?
How did she manage to slip like that?
I didnt know you guys were friends
I was about to get up and run away too when the principal cam up, grabbed my arm, and forcefully pulled him to his office.
Sit He said simply as he went to the other side of the desk.
I plopped down. Im not a trouble maker, but Im not a goody two shoes. Ive been here a few times, but I wasnt buddy buddy with the principal.
Joseph, what happened. I want you to be honest with me. Do not lie, because this is serious business.
No way in hell was I ratting out Alexis. Sure, Im not friends with her, but Im not that kind of guy. The last thing she needs is for the whole school to know that she tried to commit suicide.
I dont know. I got to school early and when I looked out the window I saw her dangling from the side. I went outside, helped her up. She said that she slipped, and thanked me a million times. Thats all.
He looked at me like he didnt believe me, but nodded his head anyway.
Anything else..? He asked as if he was looking for something specific.
Um, no? I replied unsure of what he was looking for.
Alright, just get to class. I got up without another word and walked out the door.
So, obviously this ending sucks. Hahahaha so many of you said this story is so titanic. I wasn't really thinking that while I wrote it, but then I thought about it, and I watched that movie like last week. Hahahah. Oh well(:
PLEASECOMMENT. It takes hours to write, and seconds to comment. TELL YOU FRIENDS(((: Thank you to all of you that already have, because I've gained some subbberrrssss. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!
Oh, and sorry it's late. :/ I was busy last night! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!


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